Ken Auletta is certainly the most insightful, informed and connected media journalist working today. For all of us interested in understanding what is happening with the media, his articles in the New Yorker are a must read.

I wanted to ask Ken how traditional media is making the transition to the “new.” Who will succeed?

Ken is quite bullish on Time Warner (we will post that clip in a few days) but he’s not sure about News Corp’s purchase of MySpace.

He wonders if MySpace can continue to grow and develop into a successful business or will its free wheeling format clash with News Corp, a giant media conglomerate with political sensitivities. Will News Corp help or hobble the hot social networking domain? Ken frames this really well.

Note to our “Viewers”: I am heading to San Francisco with my able associate Kate Lyon this weekend for the vloggercon conference. Kate and I are going to vlog the heck out of it and expect to publish some great video from the bleeding edge. So stay tune in and refresh regularly!

— Andy Plesser

Other relevant articles of interest to The Beet’s readers:

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>> reports on school administrators and police patroling MySpace users in "MySpace or OurSpace?"

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