Where is in the world is objective journalism in the Internet age and is it necessary?  Bambi Francisco, founder of Vator.tv, explores this topic in her post today with several leading journalists and media executives who are interviewed on the video above.

"The whole notion of objectivity should be thrown out," said Phil Bronstein, editor at large for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Hearst newspaper division.
“People have opinions; they have
perspective; one of the things that create expertise is your
perspective," he said. "There’s a distinction between total
subjectivity and context that you can provide because you have
experience. And you speak with authority because of that experience…
I think journalists shy away from speaking
with authority and that they ought to speak with it."

Blaise Zergega, deputy of Conde Nast Portfolio tells Bambi about objective journalism on the web:

"It’s like obscenity. You know
it when you see it – and you rarely do."

Bambi was a participant at the Beet.TV online video roundtable at Stanford two weeks ago.  In her segment she also interviews William Randolph Hearst III, msnbc.com President Charles Tillinghast and Andrew Heyward, past president of CBS News and now a consultant with the Monitor Group.

Here is photo from the event. From the left left are Jigar Thakarar of CBS Interactive, Brett Wilson of TubeMogul and Bambi.


Andy Plesser, Executive Producer