I was invited to bring our camera up to the newsroom of the New York Times Digital to meet veteran Times man Len Apcar, editor in chief of the NYTimes.com.

The Times is creating a lot of interesting video these days — including some which might be considered "off brand" — but Len says it’s important to experiment.  He cited the innovative work of David Carr, our favorite media critic and pioneering video blogger for his work on the his blog Carpetbagger which he wrote and taped around Oscar time. 

–Andy Plesser

Some worthwhile articles:

>> Here’s an interesting piece about Rocketboom and emerging new online video entertainment in Business 2.0

>> For all of us interested in online video “explosion,” I recommend you read this very informative article from the May issue of WIRED (make sure to click through to the several articles in this package).

>> Here’s a very interesting article on MTV’s efforts to create video programming for cell phones and its implications for community-created video published on 5.28 in The New York Times Magazine

>> Here is an interesting Associated Press article about how some politicians are embracing video blogs, video podcasting and utilizing YouTube. It’s always important to track what early adopters in the political world are up to.

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(Editor’s Note: Much thanks to the incredibly brilliant editors at Wired magazine for assembling this list. You can find the article here Much obliged! Note to our readers, please send along suggested Vlogs to add to our list. Thanks.)

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