MSNBC correspondent Courtney Hazlett, who has been reporting on the celebrity gossip scene in a series called “Scoop,” has just gotten her own branded destination with customized video player.  The site is up and looks pretty good.  This would be the second microsite over at — the first was launched for Keith Olbermann.

Because is the first and only major online video news
organization to provide embeddable video codes, anyone on the Web can
grab Courtney’s reports and put them on their blogs and Web sites.
Below I’ve pasted her definitive report on A-Rod and Madonna.  We are
so glad she sorted this out!

To understand the value of providing embed codes for videos and
other topics related to online news, Kelsey and I had the opportunity
to interview Charlie Tillinghast, President and Publisher of,
the joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.  Charlie is based in
Redmond, but we caught up with him during one of his frequent visits to
30 Rock.

This is the first in a series of interviews with Charlie.  I am
pleased to say that Charlie will be the featured speaker at the Beet.TV
media roundtable at Stanford on Tuesday, July 22.

— Andy Plesser