Kyte has substantially transformed from being a video camera phone
sharing site, to a full-blown online video delivery tool for big brands.  It is much
more akin these days to the Platform or BrightCove, than Flixwagon or Qik.

Uploads from mobile phones are a small part of the content on the
Kyte platform.  It’s really more about big brands that want customized
delivery including a customized video player, branded channels on
social networks and other valuable utilities.

The Huffington Post is using Kyte to stream the NetRoots conference.

50 Cent
uses the Kyte platform to stream an astounding number of clips daily:
Nearly 200,000 video views per day on some 30,000 web sites, according
Danial Graf of Kyte. Some 22 million videos have been viewed since the
channel started in November.

Daniel told me that monetization for his company’s services will
come through ad ad model, unlike BrightCove or the Platform which are
paid sofware solutions.  We caught up with Daniel in Madison Park a few days ago. 

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer