PALO ALTO — Wide distribution, or “deeplinking” to ABC online video programming is essential, says Albert Cheng, head of digital operations for Disney/ABC Television.  I interviewed him on Tuesday evening at Stanford after he opening night panel  of the AlwaysOn conference.

To demonstrate the point, Albert told us that ABC shows “Lost”  and
“Desperate Housewives” can be found through searching Hulu, the big
online video portal operated by NBC and News Corp.  These links to ABC
shows don’t actually play on Hulu, but launch an ABC video player.

It’s interesting how big destination sites like are using extensive distribution strategies.

Yesterday, we blogged about the strategy over at

Much, much more from the AlwaysOn conference to come.  Congrats to Tony
Perkins and his staff for another outstanding conference.

Andy Plesser, Executive Producer