While online news consumption is largely a destination activity akin to picking up a newspaper, Charles Tillinghast, president and publisher of msnbc.com, says that a highly distributed model is essential.

msnbc.com is the first national news organization to make its videos shareable via an embeddable code.  Beet.TV first reported this development earlier this year.  It also has a joint venture for political coverage with MySpace. 

This is our third segment of interview with Charlie which we taped earlier this month in the msnbc.com offices in Manhattan.

Back from Stanford

On Tuesday, Charlie joined us at Stanford for the Beet.TV online media roundtable where he was the featured speaker.  Below is a photo from our event.  Left of Charlie is Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, and on the right is Andrew Heyward, consultant with the Monitor Group former president of CBS News. Andrew co-moderated the panel with me.


Andy Plesser, Executive Producer