Northwestern Prof Craig Duff: Journalists Need To Specialize

Journalism students need to learn how to specialize, while being able to adapt says Craig Duff, Journalism Professor at Medill Northwestern University, in this video interview with Beet.TV’s Exec Producer: Xbox LIVE Users Are Voracious News Consumers

Xbox LIVE users are more engaged with video news than’s desktop audience says Executive Producer, Stokes Young, in this video interview with Beet.TV


NewsLook, Syndicator of Video News

NewsLook syndicates online videos from some 50 sources, including the top news wires, niche producers  and independent video journalists, says founder Fred Silverman in this interview with Beet.TV


Big Sports-Tech Blog Network Goes Long With Original Video

VOX Media, the fast-growing sports and tech blog network, is making a substantial investment around original video production and distribution, says CEO Jim Bankoff in this interview with Beet.TV


NBC News ‘theGrio’ Builds Audience with Original Video

theGrio, the NBC News unit which targets African Americans, has built a growing audience and revenue model with original video, says co-founder Barion Grant in this interview with Beet TV.


Video Start-up ‘Interlude’ Boosts Engagement With Game-like Platform

TEL AVIV – Interlude, the Israel and New York-based startup created by Israeli rock musician Yoni Bloch, has produced an interactive video platform that turns viewers into co-directors by offering choices throughout the video that shape the way it plays out. Viewers click within the video player to make choices and create their own experience in real […]


Metacafe’s Focus on Reaching Young Men Helps Grow Network to 33 Million Uniques

After relaunching as a male-centric Web video network last fall, the Metacafe Entertainment Network  has jumped from 10 million uniques a month to 33 million, underscoring the benefits of operating as a vertical. Beet.TV caught up with Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe, at the company’s offices in San Francisco recently to discuss the new approach […]


Video News Reporting for the Web is Different, “Talking Heads” Not Needed, Chief

Unlike news on teleivison which fully occupies its own screen, video for the Web must share real estate with text which is generally adequate to report the news. To win mindshare on the Web, video has to be visual and unique, says Charlie Tillinghast, President and Publisher of in this interview with Beet.TV


Metacafe CEO on Social Discovery, Content Creation, and Verticals

SAN FRANCISCO – Web video production and the financing of it has shifted dramatically in the last five years. Now, the industry has entered a second wave of content creation that brings Web publishers closer to the funding process, says Erick Hachenburg, CEO of Metacafe.


The Associated Press in Pact with Bambuser for Live Video News

LONDON (via SkypeVideo) Bambuser, the fast growing Swedish start-up that allows users to stream live video over mobile devices, has entered into an agreement with the Associated Press.  The pact provides the Bambuser platform to AP staffers and provides "citizen" journalists to provide unique live video to the wire service.


Veteran ABC News Exec Paul Slavin Finding the Formula for Web Video at Big Health Site

Paul Slavin, the veteran news producer and executive at ABC News who left the network last year, joined the big health destination site Everyday Health where he is creating an ambitious slate of video for the Web and television.


Felicia Day Launches New YouTube Channel with Six Series

Online video superstar Felicia Day launched a new YouTube channel today called “Geek and Sundry” billed as the “very best of indie geek culture” that rolls out with several new original series. Beet.TV first caught up with Day in January at CES where she gave us the early details on the new project.


MIT’s Jason Pontin: Media “Platform Agnosticism” is Dead, Long Live “Platform Committed”

VIEQUES, PR — For media companies to succeed, they need to operate on the platforms they know best, not distribute content on places which are not their core businesses.


The Washington Post Launches Branded StumbleUpon Page, Explores Google Hangouts around Video

The Washington Post has launched a branded StumbleUpon page, a powerful crowd-sourced recommendation engine, the paper announced last night.


NBC News See Upside in Radio with the Advent of the “Connected Car”

Radio is "the most durable" form of media, says Vivian Schiller, Chief Digital Officer of NBC News and former NPR CEO in this video.  And, its value will increase with advent of Internet-connected cars, she adds.


HealthiNation Expands Video Network with “”

HealthiNation, the big, New York-based  producer and distributor of online medical videos for consumers, has been expanding its content range to include nutrition and healthy lifestyle, has announced an agreement with parenting site for videos for first-time parents. Exec. Producer: Web Original News Video Get Twice the Views as TV Clips

VIEQUES, PR – Video news created exclusively for the Web gets about twice as many streams per clip as videos from broadcast programming, says Stokes Young, Executive Producer of in this interview with Beet.TV


NPR’s Problems with Money, “Ownership” and Politicalization, Former CEO Speaks

VIEQUES, PR — Getting just one dollar of public funding makes a news organization “fair game” for attacks and NPR should be weaned off public funding eventually says Vivian Schiller the former CEO of NPR whose tenure was ended over a political controversy.


BBC World Service has Global, Social Network with “World Have Your Say”

LONDON – With the invasion of Iraq some 10 years ago, the BBC began to solicit listener comments around big news stories via text and email contributions in a effort called "World Have Your Say."


Exploring the Future of Video Journalism with NBC News Digital Chief Vivian Schiller, others this Weekend at the #BeetRetreat

VIEQUES, PR – The future of video journalism will be one of the two principal tracks at the Beet.TV executive retreat tomorrow and Saturday at the W Retreat & Spa on Vieques, Puerto Rico. 

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