Online video superstar Felicia Day launched a new YouTube channel today called “Geek and Sundry” billed as the “very best of indie geek culture” that rolls out with several new original series. Beet.TV first caught up with Day in January at CES where she gave us the early details on the new project.

Day’s YouTube Channel is part of YouTube’s big push to introduce more structured and regular programming from top talent across its site. As is the case with other YouTube channels from the likes of Young Hollywood and My Damn Channel, “Geek and Sundry” will include new daily videos from its video series. That includes season five of Day’s flagship Web show “The Guild,” as well as a new show by Web star Veronica Belmont, an animated series from indie comic publisher Dark Horse Comics, and others.

If successful, the channel could mark the next phase in Day’s broad-based career as a new sort of “media mogul,” suggests Forbes’ David Ewalt in his story today.

Below is a promo reel of the shows.

Daisy Whitney