Technorati’s Peter Hirshberg says that mainstream media sites including The New York Times will increasingly use video content on their web sites and will eventually incorporate some community generated content

Click To Play Peter Hirshberg, Executive Vice President of Technorati, the leading blog search engine, currently tracking over 36.7 million sites, sounds off on the move of traditional newspapers, like the Washington Post and the New York Times, towards cultivating an online presence, including the use of video.  It will certainly be interesting to see […]


John Seely Brown, Senior Fellow, Annenberg School

Click To Play John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist at Xerox and director of its Palo Alto PARC center, explains how successful video blogging will take shape. It won’t be bloggers speaking into a camera, but will contain compelling content, vignettes and information that takes advantage of the form. Brown is currently a senior fellow […]


Technorati’s Peter Hirshberg

Click To Play Peter Hirshberg, Executive VP at Technorati, charts the emergence of "citizen video journalism" and considers how community-generated content might impact mainstream media.  And, he talks about some early successful uses of video by The New York Times, notably recent video segments David Pogue.  Hirshberg was interviewed on April 6 at the annual […]


Len Apcar, The New York Times

Click To Play Len Apcar, the editor of the New York Times online, explains how the Internet is changing traditonal media — and how big media Web sites like the Times are more and more willing to provide hyperlinks to relevant information.  He cites an example where an article about a recall of Ford vehicles […]


Joe Trippi

Click To Play Joe Trippi, political operative and Internet visionary, shares his views of citizen journalism, its future and the impact it will have on companies.  Joe is the author of "The Revolution will not be Televised," which was just released in paperback.   — Andy Plesser Joe Trippi, Citizen Journalism


Tom Foremski on Corporate Blogging Opportunities

Tom Foremski, editor and publisher of the influential Silicon Valley Watcher blog, explains how technology now provides the opportunity for any company to become a "media company," a "publisher of content." Tom’s comments were given at the Impact ’05 conference at New York University.

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