Al Jazeera’s Online Success Powered by London-based Livestation

With very limited cable distribution, Al Jazeera turned to London's Livestation, a portal for dozens of global broadcasters, to take its satellite signal and stream it on the Web, explains Livestation CEO Lippe Oosterhof in this segment from the Beet.TV Executive Summit in Vieques, Puerto Rico.


The Wall Street Journal Video Channel Launches on London’s “Livestation”

VIEQUES, PR — The Wall Street Journal's expanding slate of live business programming, has gone live on the Livestation, the London-based global portal for live news, says Lippe Oosterhof in this interview with Beet.TV


HuffPost Readies Ambitious Video Programming with AOL’s “Guns, Money and Steel”

The Huffington Post has done very little in original video programming to date but that will change in a significant way this summer when the publisher launches a 12-hour, daily Webcast.  


CBS Interactive Readies Three-Day Grammy Build-up, Lands GM & Target as Sponsors

CBS is kicking off a robust slate of pre-Grammys programming online starting on Friday February 10 for the three days leading up to the music industry awards night on Sunday February 12, said Marc DeBevoise, Senior VP and General Manager, Entertainment, at CBS Interactive in this interview with Beet.TV


Getting Ready for Super (Amoled) Bowl on Sunday with Verizon Wireless

They may be small, but new smart phones with super Amoled screens have displays equaling big-screen TV's for watching Sunday's Super Bowl, says Peter McCarron of Verizon Wireless.


NFL, NBC Sports and Verizon Wireless Ready the First Mobile Super Bowl

Subscribers to Verizon Wireless will be able to watch Sunday's Super Bowl game live on their smartphones in what will be the first time the game is streamed live to mobile — as well as to PCs and tablets via the Web.


The New York Times Debuts Regular Live Web Programming

The New York Times, which produces about 70 original videos per month, launched its first regularly scheduled live program this week.


Occupy Wall Street Video Producers Employ 4G Device to Stream Protests

Global Revolution, the organization which is managing the live Web video streaming of a number of Occupy Wall Street protests, has purchased several 4G devices which allows cameras with a small attachment to stream directly to Livestream.


The Wall Street Journal Finds Value in Live Webcast as a Production Platform

While live programming at the Wall Street Journal is meant to provide visitors with up-to-the minute news and analysis, it happens to be an effective means to produce numerous clips for use on article pages and in the paper’s video section, explains Shawn Bender, Editorial Director for Video at the Wall Street Journal Online.


Cisco Expanding its Telepresence Video Conferencing to the Desktop with Free Software

NEW YORK/SAN JOSE (via Telepresence) Cisco’s high-end video conferencing platform for big companies and institutions, with endpoints costing $300K or more, now has a low-priced solution for small businesses.


Dispatch from Disrupt: Intercast Network Unveils Live Video Display Unit

SAN FRANCISCO — At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Intercast Network launched a product which allows broadcasters to distribute their programming live via a rich display unit with accompanying social tools and e-commerce functionality.


The Emerging Value of Live Video for eCommerce Sites

While nearly half of major e-commerce sites have some sort of video on their pages, very few have live video streaming, but that will change, says Stuart Schultz, who just launched a skincare e-commerce site with both live and on-demand clips.


ESPN Has Big Hit with Women’s Soccer, Online and on TV

Wednesday's semi-final World Cup soccer match between France and USA generated 450,000 unique video views on, the company said today.


For Next Year’s Wimbledon: ESPN Plans In-Stream Advertising

Subscribes of a limited number of cable services were able to access ESPN’s live streaming of the Wimbledon matches on their mobile devices for the first time.


VEVO Programming Chief: Live Shows Create an “Emotional Connection” Between Brands and Audience

LIve concert programming delivers unique value as an "emotional connection" for sponsoring brands says Scott Reich, VP of Programming and Original Content for VEVO.


Google is Building a “Global Classroom” with “YouTube EDU”

Having launched just over two years ago as a hub for colleges' and universities' YouTube channels, YouTube EDU has become a destination for education, providing an index for a broad range of topics and campus activities, says Angela Lin who manages the education program at YouTube.


Conan Headlines YouTube’s First Live Campus Commencement at Dartmouth Sunday Morning

SAN BRUNO/HANOVER/PALO ALTO — YouTube, which has recently introduced its live streaming platform, will stream its first live commencement from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire this Sunday (6.12) at 9:30 a.m. EDT on Dartmouth's YouTube channel.


TokBox Predicts the “Realtime Boom” of Video Chat

Micosoft's recent acquisition of Skype is emblematic of a global move to live video chat, says Janine Yoon, VP at San Francisco-based TokBox, provider of a free video chat API for publishers.


Livestreaming Music on YouTube, the Value Equation for Brands

While livestreaming events on YouTube is a relatively recent development, the platform is providing value to brands by delivering "access" to viewers. 


Revision3 is “Biggest” Internet TV Network with 70 Million Monthly Video Views, CEO Jim Louderback

Revision3, the San Francisco-based programmer of lifestyle and technology video shows geared to 13-34 year-old males, is "the largest over-the-top" television network in the United States, says CEO Jim Louderback in this interview with Beet.TV.

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