Flixwagon Offers White Label Mobile Video Broadcasting, Report

Allen Stern over at CenterNetworks says that Flixwagon, the company which provides a Web platform for live and recorded mobile phone uploads, will announce a "white label" solution for media organizations and carriers to create their own branded channels. In Hollywood in June, I spoke with Flixwagon co-founder Sarig Reichert. I’ve republished this interview today. […]


NBC Not Ditching Microsoft’s Silverlight, Report….and Online Olympics Revenues were Much Higher than Widely Reported

Our colleague Chris Albrecht over at NewTeeVee has done some investigating around reports that Microsoft’s Silverlight had been tossed overboard by NBC in favor of Flash.  It’s just not the case, Microsoft and NBC tell Chris.


Gannett Has Live Hurricane Coverage on Mogulus Platform….msncbc.com has New Flash Hurricane Tracker

We are impressed this morning with the way live video feeds of tropical storm Hanna have been integrated by Gannett’s USA Today and other Gannett television properties.  The video interface is from Mogulus, the Manhattan start-up which was recently funded by Gannett.


msnbc.com Sets New Traffic Record During Democratic National Convention, Network Says

More online viewers watched coverage of the Barack Obama acceptance speech and coverage of the Democratic National Convention on August 29 on msnbc.com than any other news site, including CNN, the company announced today, citing Nielsen Online numbers.


Gustav Live Online Video Streams Set Record at CNN

Viewing of live online video streams of Hurricane Gustav has reached a record 1.4 million  streams since midnight, as of 4 p.m. EDT, a CNN spokesperson has told Beet.TV.  This sets a record for the most live video streams in one day at CNN.


Washington Post Reporters Use Comet to Stream Live Video from Mobile Phones

The Washington Post has begun streaming live video via mobile phones to the newspaper’s site using Comet Technologies.  The first implementation has come from Ed O’Keefe, reporting live from the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Denver.


Microsoft Has “Olympic” Showcase for New Silverlight Online Video Platform….Silverlight 2.0 Supports Embeddable Player

With 72 million video streams of NBCOlympics.com viewed through Saturday, developers at Microsoft have reason to celebrate. 


Online Video News Milestone: CNN Has Live Streaming Video Widget….HuffPost Gets it First

In what we consider a milestone in the syndication of live online video news, CNN has introduced a widget for its live streaming service.


NBC Online Olympics Viewing Soars, Nielsen Reports….Beet.TV Gets Olympics Workflow Story from Microsoft

The number of unique visitors to NBC Olympics video site soared to over two million on Monday as viewers tuned into the Games from the workplace, Nielsen announced today. These numbers show that the much-grumbled about time delay of the online coverage hasn’t had a negative effect on online ratings. Not all of the coverage […]


DoubleClick Powers NBC Olympics Online Ad Insertion……No Overlay Ads Permitted by the IOC

For those of us who don’t like to see overlay ads pop up or stream while watching video, you won’t see any on the NBC Olympics coverage on MSN.  That’s a mandate from the International Olympic Committee, which keeps tight control of the way the Games are presented.


Venture Beat Has 100 Beta Invites for New Mobile Browser….MG “Paris Lemon” Siegler Has the Download

MG Siegler over at VentureBeat has the story this morning about Skyfire, a new browser for mobile devices.  VentureBeat is giving away 100 invitations to try the new browser in private beta trials, MG writes in his post.


Move Networks Powers Surging ABC.com and is Now Supporting Live Programming

It’s not Adobe’s Flash, Apple’s QuickTime or Microsoft’s Silverlight. It’s a technology called adaptive streaming, developed by a small Utah start-up called Move Networks, and it’s revolutionizing the way that online video is being delivered and watched by millions. ABC Television implemented the technology as its primary video distribution platform.  Last month ABC reported a […]


Qik Enters Public Beta and Works on Symbian and Windows Mobile Smart Phones

Qik, pronounced "quick," is enabling a select group of video bloggers, some network news organizations and even Vatican officials to report and document developments with the camera on a smart phone.


Kyte Sails in a Different Direction Than Qik, Flixwagon

There’s been a lot of speculation in the blogosphere lately about whether Kyte, Qik,or Flixwagon will finish first in the cell phone video streaming trifecta. But according to Kyte CEO Daniel Graf, Kyte’s broader focus means it’s not really in the race with Qik and Flixwagon. 

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