NEW YORK/SAN JOSE (via Telepresence) Cisco’s high-end video conferencing platform for big companies and institutions, with endpoints costing $300K or more, now has a low-priced solution for small businesses.

Endpoints can be as low as $5,000 with monthly network costs of under $100.

While the Telepresence system has been closed to users with the devices, it will soon be opened to participants who download a free desktop program, says David Hsieh, VP for Marketing for Video and Emerging Technologies for Cisco, in this interview with Beet.TV.

The client software will be part of a Telepresence purchase. Quality via the desktop will vary depending on connectivity and device speed, Hsieh notes.

We spoke with him last week via a Telepresence conference with Hsieh in San Jose at the Cisco headquarters and your reporter in a Cisco conference room in Manhattan. The conversation was saved as a file which was downloaded and edited by our team.

He also explained the emerging role of Telepresence as a Webcasting tool, which joins various endpoints into a stream via a Cisco player or on other live streaming platforms.

Andy Plesser

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