Online video technology provider Kaltura sees a growing business line in the growing movement to revolutionize education.

The firm, which began by offering open-source software, has been offering its services to colleges for some time. But CEO and co-founder Ron Yekutiel reckons there is further promise in the “flipped classroom” movement, in which students would be instructed at home by online videos, venturing to class only for specific interaction.

“But the physical learning will be done individually at your own pace and at home,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Even if you’re learning at a brick-and-mortar college, you will need to get these lectures to you at home on your PC, on your mobile phone or, on your television. You need video platforms to support that.

“Technologists that have started offering solutions in the education space are not experts in video. They rely on third-parties parties such as Kaltura to offer the backbone.”

Kaltura’s video suite currently has plugins for integrating with online learning platforms like Blackboard and Desire2Learn. And the outfit will increasingly modularize its approach, says Yekutiel, describing his software as “Lego architecture for video management”: “During 2014, there will be more and more feature sets homegrown that will be added to the basic platform.”

Watch the full video interview for more of Yekutiel’s outlook.

Kaltura Readies Video Summit

Kaltura Connect will be a two day-conference in New York on September 30 and October 1.  Yekutiel outlines the program in this video interview.

Beet.TV is a media partner to the event.