BERLIN — This year Kaltura launched a new educational video platform that can be integrated into learning management systems including Blackboard, Moodle and Sakai. 

At the Online Educa conference in Berlin, Michael Kummer, EMEA Director of Sales at Kaltura, spoke with us about the educational video platform, which makes video available on all devices.

In the video interview, Kummer says, "The demand for video for universities for education is a fast growing path and as education is changing people look for a video solutions which they have available on all devices."  Kummer explains that being on all devices creates more flexibility for students, thanks to content being more accessible.

Additionally, Kummer speaks to the effectiveness of video over reading in learning.  "It’s faster, it’s more direct and you don’t have room for interpretation.  When you read you can interpret; by voice it’s clear."

In the interview, Kummer also discusses Kaltura’s recent expansion into Europe, as well as touches on the German educational video market, specifically.

Megan O’Neill