“Coding” is the new black, and there’s no longer a shortage of service teaching kids, women and all comers the virtues of computer programming. One of the latest, EngineHere, aims to to get ahead of the pack by replicating the familiar school environment using online video.

Recently-launched, EngineHere uses Tokbox’s WebRTC video tools to support live video streaming learning from tutors to groups of online students.

“A lot of these prerecorded sites have a high churn rate,” says founder Benjamin Plesser, himself a developer. “It’s very hard to constantly motivate yourself as a student to seek out this education when there’s no consistent schedule to do so.

“On EngineHere, with a live teacher, there are scheduled weekly sessions. That provides a great motivation. We use video to communicate ideas while we use our hands to do live programming.”

Plesser says the WebRTC standard is “the future of video on the web”, allowing the service to facilitate “one-on-one interaction between teacher and student while other students watch that interaction and learn from it”.