Ooyala’s Sean Knapp: Use Auto Play Wisely

Having a video start automatically when a Web page loads can be appreciated or annoying — valuable and destructive, says Sean Knapp, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer or the Ooyala, the big video services company.


Teradek Unveils The New Cube Wireless Video Encoder At NAB

LAS VEGAS – Teradek, leader in wireless HD video encoding technology, introduced their new Cube camera-top HD video encoder this week at NAB.  In this video, Teradek’s Director of Marketing, Michael Gailing, gives us a closer look at some of the features of the new Cube.


Kit Digital Introduces Social TV Platform at NAB

LAS VEGAS — Kit Digital, the big global, Prague-based provider of digital video services, has introduced a set of social media tools to its platform at the NAB Show this week.


HealthiNation Expands Video Network with “TheBump.com”

HealthiNation, the big, New York-based  producer and distributor of online medical videos for consumers, has been expanding its content range to include nutrition and healthy lifestyle, has announced an agreement with parenting site TheBump.com for videos for first-time parents.


“TV Everywhere” Early Adopters Like Short News Content, but Challenges Remain for the New Platform, Time Warner Says

Early adopters of “TV Everywhere”  are relying on the service for news, short clips and snacking, says Jason Forbes, senior VP of strategy at Time Warner Cable Media, in this video interview with Beet.TV 


Taboola Powering Video Discovery for Magazine Publishers Rodale and Bonnier

Taboola, the New York/Tel Aviv-based video discovery and distribution company, has expanded its customer base from newspapers and wire services to some big magazine publishers including Rodale Press, Bonnier and the trade publication The Hollywood Reporter, says Michael Lombardi, Senior Director of Business Development, in this video interview with Beet.TV


BBC Global News Chief: “Video is Becoming the Mainstay of our Digital Platforms”

LONDON –  As the cost of bandwidth decreases, video is becoming the "mainstay" of the BBC's global news offering via its digital platforms, says Peter Horrocks, Director of the BBC World Service in this interview with Beet.TV


KIT Digital Readies “Social” Video Program Guide

Global video management software firm KIT Digital has created a "social" TV electronic program guide, says KIT's Alan Wolk, Global Lead Analyst in this video interview. 


Extreme Reach Expands Into Talent Rights; Grows Web, TV Ad Distro Business

Boosted by its recent acquisition of talent rights management shop Spotlight Business Affairs, TV and Web video platform provider Extreme Reach plans to hire 140 additional employees this year, bumping its head count to 300 by year-end, the company's CEO John Roland told Beet.TV in this interview.


Elemental Technologies Powers Video Compression for Comcast, HBO, ESPN, others

LAS VEGAS — Portland, Oregon-based Elemental Technologies is finding an expanding customer base for its video compression solution with Comcast, HBO Go and ESPN on Demand.  


Blip’s Steve Woolf: Web Video Success Comes from Targeting “Narrow Niches”

LAS VEGAS – Steve Woolf, VP of Content for Blip.tv, says that success in creating original Web video content comes from targeting  and connecting with "narrow niches" of special interest groups. 


Akamai Supports Hollywood’s “UltraViolet,” Bolsters its Content Distribution Network

LAS VEGAS — At CES, technology giant Akamai threw its weight behind Hollywood's UltraViolet video initiative — a technlogy which allows consumers to watch and share movies and TV shows across multiple devices, said Kris Alexander, Chief Strategist for Connected Devices & Gaming at Akamai, in this interview with Beet.TV


LG Launches Google TV Integration

LAS VEGAS, LG Electronics has introduced the Google TV platform to its "smart" television, explains Matthew Durgin, Director, Smart TV Content Business, North America, in this interview from the floor of CES.


Thought Equity, Big Video Licensing and Distribution Company, Raises $28 Million in New Funding from Investcorp

Thought Equity, the big, Denver-based syndicator of premium video content has raised $28 million in capital from Investcorp.


Adobe Targets Big Market in Connected TVs; Market Slated to Reach 80 Million Units in 2012

About 80 million connected TVs should ship this year, up from 60 million last year, and tech giant Adobe Systems is aiming to play a role in capturing both browser-based and app-centric alternative viewing.


Akamai Buys Key Rival Cotendo

Internet services giant Akamai closed out 2011 with the purchase of mobile network acceleration software maker Cotendo in a deal that analysts say gives the company a greater berth in cloud computing.


Finnish Broadcast Chief: The Problems with Native Apps, the Upside of HTML5

The proliferation of native Apps, individually scripted for over 100 different devices, is creating big problems for content distributors and will lead to an over-crowded user interface, says Lauri Kivinen, CEO of Finnish Broadcasting, in this interview with Beet.TV.


NeuLion Delivers HD Video to Hockey Fans via Adaptive Streaming

NeuLion, the New York-based IP video delivery services company, is providing consistent, high-quality delivery to hockey fans with a technology known as adaptive streaming, says Chris Wagner, EVP and co-founder.


Ooyala Has One Billion Monthly Views, CTO and Co-Founder Sean Knapp

MONACO, Cote d'Azur — Ooyala, the big video digital services company, is serving in excess of one billion monthly video streams, says Sean Knapp in this interview with Beet.TV.


Yahoo’s Launches Companion Viewing App for Television

MONACO — Yahoo! seeks to expand the footprint of its video programming through Apps on connected TV, on tablets and viewing on a new "second screen" companion viewing App, says Rich Riley, EVP and Managing Director at Yahoo! EMEA.

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