Early adopters of “TV Everywhere”  are relying on the service for news, short clips and snacking, says Jason Forbes, senior VP of strategy at Time Warner Cable Media, in this video interview with Beet.TV 

We spoke with the cable executive about how the TV Everywhere platform is being used by advertisers and consumers, as well as challenges ahead for TV Everywhere success.  Beet.TV interviewed him last week at the Digital Hollywood Media Summit in New York.

“News like CNN or CNBC does well because it’s a short consumption experience,” he says in the video. “You are seeing different types of content resonate on different platforms as part of TV Everywhere.”

Despite this early data and several rollouts in the last 18 months, there remain many challenges to TV Everywhere. Forbes elaborates on them in the interview and they include scale, customization and differing views on rights from various stakeholders. Programmers, such as Discovery, say they’re still trying to determine the right value for TV Everywhere

Another hurdle lies in dynamic ad insertion. Cablers need to be able to insert ads into TV Everywhere content in order to fully monetize the service, Forbes says. “[Otherwise] you won’t see the types of content you see in a live platform across these devices.”

He adds in the video that Time Warner is working on additional creative formats for TV Everywhere ads that build off of the interactive TV services that Time Warner has rolled out to most of its markets. 

Last week, the company introduced Enhanced iTV that adds more interactive layers to targeted ads for its cable systems.

Daisy Whitney


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