Video Must Connect with Consumers “In the Moment,” McDonald’s Sosti Ropaitis

CHICAGO — The next tactic for brands in video in 2013 will be to deepen ways to connect with consumer in the moment, says Sosti Ropaitis, Global Director of Digital Engagement at McDonald’s, in a panel discussion for Beet.TV “If we start with the consumer mindset of investing time to watch a video it has to […]


Brands Aim for Global Video Strategies, McDonald’s, AOL, iJustine, Havas explain

CHICAGO — Marketers are beginning to explore opportunities to integrate brands globally into digital videos, says Marta Martinez, AOL’s Head of Global Video Sales, in a panel discussion for Beet.TV. While the Internet has made true global marketing possible in a way that is more difficult with TV’s localized ecosystem, brands are only beginning to tap […]


Tech Means ‘Creative Renaissance’ For TV: SMG’s Scheppach

CHICAGO — The internet may have displaced newspapers, magazines and radio in many consumers’ lives. But advertising execs – even those from technology backgrounds – don’t believe TV is about to croak any time soon, a Beet.TV panel heard. DigitasLbi’s programmatic strategy and analysis VP Brian Zaben: “It’s not going anywhere. It will just be more informed. […]


Video Touches TV-Shy Millennials: AOL’s Anderson

CHICAGO — As young adults increasingly look at their mobile screens instead of their TV screens, advertisers can reconnect with tomorrow’s consumers by delivering video executions, says AOL video sales VP Margee Anderson. “Broadcast is certainly not going to go away (but), with millennials ageing, we’ve got to be able to reach them where they are – […]


Using Data to Inform Digital Messaging, Havas’ Danny Huynh

CHICAGO — Storytelling and data can go hand in hand in digital marketing, so long as marketers keep searching for insights in real time, says Danny Huynh, SVP and Group Director at Havas, in an interview with Beet.TV. “You have the ability to story tell based on data at hand. You use data as you are doing resesrch […]


AOL Video Grows Big on Mobile; Aims for Ubiquity on Devices

CHICAGO — AOL’s strategy on creating video content centers around the notion of capturing a moment, or cultural movement and then letting brands connect with that, says Marta Martinez, AOL’s Head of Global Video Sales, in an interview with Beet.TV. “We try to think holistically about how to create content meaningful for the web, and bring […]


Programmatic TV Is A Hard Sell: SMG’s Scheppach

CHICAGO — Programmatic digital ad trading techniques have their place in the TV world – but no-one should expect adoption like that which has been seen in online display so far, says one video ad exec. “Digital thinking is, for sure, going to come over to TV,” says Starcom MediaVest Group’s precision video EVP Tracey Scheppach […]


Video First, TV Later: Digitas’ Zaben

CHICAGO — Digital video can come top of the marketing funnel – but the medium isn’t yet in a position to easily transition to the main screen in the house. “Video is a great first touchpoint (with audiences) – then we start to close them off with some of the display and lower-funnel tactics,” DigitasLbi’s programmatic […]


Web Star iJustine on Branded Video and Her Own Pizza Hut Pizza

CHICAGO — She’s has successful consumer tech show on AOL, has more than two million YouTube subscribers, 1.4 Twitter followers  – Internet video host Justine Ezarik “iJustine” is a new-wave internet celebrity. And now she’s also intent on more online video brand partnerships. In the segment, she announces the introduction of her very own pizza, created and […]


McDonald’s Wants To Entertain, Educate With Video

CHICAGO — Fast food brand McDonald’s says it has an opportunity to produce marketing video that both educates and entertains consumers, as its online video ambitions evolve from modest origins. “About a year ago, we hired a chief digital officer with intent to build and staff a team,” says the group’s digital brand engagement global […]


No Addressable TV Until Business Changes: Vertere’s Hanlon

CHICAGO — So-called “addressability” promises to make every individual TV set as targetable to advertisers as internet-connected devices are today. But that’s not going to happen at scale without a big shift, says an investment advisor and consultant. “Buying audiences in a more targeted fashion is antithetical to the way television sellers package and sell […]


Target Builds TV Ad Impact via Digital Tools, Brent Rosso explains

CHICAGO — Retailer Target reckons its crown has been stolen in conventional TV marketing – but it sees a chance to reclaim it in digital. “We are a very large TV advertiser,” Target digital media VP Brent Rosso tells Beet.TV. “A lot of our approach has been copied in the marketplace. You hear a jingle (in the ad) […]


Video Is The Web’s Third Age: AOL’s Martinez

CHICAGO — AOL sees video as spurring the next web age, but eventual manifestations of that will depend very much on consumption context, says an exec from the company. “The third wave of quantum innovation in the web is going to be driven by sight, sound and motion,” AOL video sales head Marta Martinez tells […]


‘Addressable TV Will Take Off In 2015’: SMG’s Scheppach

CHICAGO — In 2014, TV began learning the targeting tricks that digital media have deployed for years. In 2015, those techniques will kick in to high gear, says one ad agency exec. “(In) 2014, I see a marketplace that has essentially gone from zero to $300 million of spend,” according to Starcom MediaVest Group’s precision video […]


McDonald’s Puts Video At ‘Core’ Of Digital Focus

CHICAGO — After being named by advertising peers the most creative marketer at this year’s Cannes Lions, McDonald’s is ready to bolster the part video plays in its digital efforts. “We’ve been the definition of  a mass marketer,” the group’s digital brand engagement global director Sosti Ropaitis says in this video interview with Global Online Video Association […]


Programmatic ‘Is Not A CPM Crunch’: Digitas’s Zaben

CHICAGO — The collection of new-wave automated ad targeting and trading techniques known as “programmatic” may have initially been seen as helping advertisers drive down inventory costs – but that is no longer the sole way ad buyers see it. “This is not a CPM crunch where we’re racing to the bottom, but a way […]