CHICAGO — In 2014, TV began learning the targeting tricks that digital media have deployed for years. In 2015, those techniques will kick in to high gear, says one ad agency exec.

“(In) 2014, I see a marketplace that has essentially gone from zero to $300 million of spend,” according to Starcom MediaVest Group’s precision video EVP Tracey Scheppach.

Scheppach likes it: “SMG is aggressively spending. We’ve done more than 70 campaigns with 30 clients. We’re seeing amazing results in terms of efficiency.”

Whilst Comcast and Cablevision are amongst operators to deliver variants of addressable TV advertising, she looks to more planned launches by Verizon and linear Comcast channels in 2015 as fuelling the market further: “Video will all be IP-delivered in the end, which means it will all be addressable in the end.”

Scheppach was interviewed by Beet.TV at the Beet.TV leadership summit on the transformation of television, presented by AOL. Please find more videos from the event here.