CHICAGO — Retailer Target reckons its crown has been stolen in conventional TV marketing – but it sees a chance to reclaim it in digital.

“We are a very large TV advertiser,” Target digital media VP Brent Rosso tells Beet.TV. “A lot of our approach has been copied in the marketplace. You hear a jingle (in the ad) and you used to say, ‘That’s Target’ – now it could be a number of different (brands).

“To a certain degree, we’ve lost a little bit of the edge there – this digital approach is our way of taking it back.”

That approach is based on using Target’s first-party data, second-party data from AOL and audience targeting data from several other partners to identify consumers. Rosso says Target will also produce original video content of its own to snag viewers.

He was interviewed by Vertere Group CEO Tim Hanlon for Beet.TV Beet.TV at the Beet.TV leadership summit on the transformation of television, presented by AOL. Please find more videos from the event here.