CHICAGO — The next tactic for brands in video in 2013 will be to deepen ways to connect with consumer in the moment, says Sosti Ropaitis, Global Director of Digital Engagement at McDonald’s, in a panel discussion for Beet.TV

“If we start with the consumer mindset of investing time to watch a video it has to be very meaningful for the consumer in the moment. It needs to have a legitimate value for the consumer,” he says. Brands need to be able to respond quickly and change approaches if need be. “For a large brand that is a complicated process. We work on a lot of scenario planning so we can iterate quickly,” he says.

But sometimes, it can be useful to be operate totally on the fly, says Web video superstar iJustine. Her video strategy is to adapt quickly based on consumer feedback, and keep her content approach open-ended.

Looking ahead to 2015, brands will benefit from stitching together video tactics across mobile, deskstop and tv, says Danny Huynh, SVP and Group Director at Havas.

The panelists were interviewed by Paul Kontonis, CMO of Collective Digital Studioat the Beet.TV leadership summit on the transformation of television, presented by AOL. Please find more videos from the event here.