CHICAGO — Marketers are beginning to explore opportunities to integrate brands globally into digital videos, says Marta Martinez, AOL’s Head of Global Video Sales, in a panel discussion for Beet.TV.

While the Internet has made true global marketing possible in a way that is more difficult with TV’s localized ecosystem, brands are only beginning to tap into the potential. She said AOL is working with a local European TV show to expand it globally via the Web. “What’s happening with video allows for content to be global and for marketers to market it that way. If you think about how Hollywood has grown, it is a global movement,” she says.

Some elements of a video will connect with a consumer across geographies, says Sosti Ropaitis, Global Director of Digital Engagement at McDonald’s, during the discussion. The key to global success is figuring out the best way to communicate something in a non-language way so consumers around the world can get the same value from the content.

Martinez and Ropaitis were interviewed by Paul Kontonis, CMO of Collective Digital Studioat the Beet.TV leadership summit on the transformation of television, presented by AOL. They were joined on the panel by Danny Huynh, SVP and Group Director at Havas and Web video superstar iJustine. Please find more videos from the event here.