CHICAGO — Fast food brand McDonald’s says it has an opportunity to produce marketing video that both educates and entertains consumers, as its online video ambitions evolve from modest origins.

“About a year ago, we hired a chief digital officer with intent to build and staff a team,” says the group’s digital brand engagement global director Sosti Ropaitis. “Right now, we are pretty much a startup in a large organization – a small group of people looking at doing marvellous and ambitious things.

“We’ve gone from just a series of Likes … to being more purposeful about the content we develop – having a more unique and tangible tonality. We see a natural connection point in the integration of convenience and fun.”

He was interviewed by  Paul Kontonis, CMO of Collective Digital Studios at the Beet.TV leadership summit on the transformation of television, presented by AOL. Please find more videos from the event here.