Don’t Block News, Get More Granular: IAS’ Utzschneider

Amid the coronavirus crisis, many ad buyers, deeming the news too negative to appear next to, are adding virus-related keywords to brand safety tools that let them automatically filter the hottest news story of the day out of their media plans. That is kneecapping the revenue of many news publishers at a precarious moment, and […]


Xandr’s Kirk McDonald: We’re “Leaning in” with Advanced TV Tools Amid Market Disruption

While TV viewership soars, available inventory is changing, notably a spike in news and the lack of live sports. All this changing where and how consumers watch TV. Helping brands navigate the market disruption,  Xandr is “leading in” with advanced TV products including reach and frequency management and addressable TV tools, explains Kirk McDonald, Chief […]


Digital Will Accelerate Through V-Shaped Recession: Sorrell

The COVID-19 pandemic will bring a recession unlike any seen before, one that will  see many brands cut advertising budgets – but it will also accelerate existing digital transformation trend lines and produce new ones. That is the view of Sir Martin Sorrell, executive chairman of his S4 Capital vehicle and former WPP CEO. Sorrell […]


“Creativity Can Flourish Amid Chaos,” 4A’s CEO Kaplowitz

The creative agencies are pivoting quickly during the crisis, scrapping advertising that is out of step with social distancing and other realities of the pandemic.  This shift is fostering a period of creativity where taped productions are not practical and the use of stock footage and other tools are being employed, says Marla Kaplowitz, president […]


TV Viewership is Up as Ad Engagement is Down: EDO’s Kevin Krim

While television consumption is up during the current crisis, the engagement with TV ads is down as measured by EDO, says Kevin Krim, CEO of the TV analytics and data company. As consumer intent to purchase is soft, it is important for advertisers to quickly change creative to address the crisis and their role, suggests […]


The Crisis is Accelerating the Inevitable Movement to TV Streaming, Analyst Greenfield

Stuck at home, television viewing is spiking and it will accelerate the adoption of streaming services as investment in most  linear programming wanes, says Richard Greenfield, industry analyst and partner with LightShed Partners in this video interview with Beet.TV In this segment he also outlines what he expects to be consumer habits around streaming services […]


Bluntly Blocking COVID-19 Keywords Is Not Right: GroupM’s Montgomery

VIA BEETCAM — The brand safety leader at the world’s biggest media-buying agency is urging advertisers – blacklisting ad inventory against coronavirus news stories could kill newspapers and, with them, democracy. Last week, Comscore said 22% to 30% of all ad impressions were appearing in coronavirus-related content. Such content is now being widely blacklisted by […]


Pause Ads & Be Helpful During Outbreak: Forrester’s Nail Advises

VIA BEETCAM — COVID-19 has come as a black swan the communication industry could have done without, one that has sent companies of all kinds worrying and scurrying for answers. Amongst the questions brands are asking Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail – “What is everyone else doing?” and “Should I be cutting my advertising?” In […]


Post-Virus Platforms: Lawmakers May Leave Tech Giants Alone, Swisher Says

VIA BEETCAM — They often say it takes a crisis to really change. So how does coronavirus promise to change the technology industry? If and when COVID-19 passes: tech platforms will evade looming regulation. they will be unable to avoid categorization as editors. newly-remote workers will ultimately ditch Zoom and go back to the office. […]


Don’t Block Virus News: IAB’s New President Warns Advertisers

VIA BEETCAM — The new president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) says he expects an encouraging response from advertisers and agencies whom he had asked to cease bypassing COVID-19 news content. IAB president David Cohen, who just joined from IPG’s Magna, published an IAB article, How Brands and Agencies Can Save American Lives in […]


TransUnion’s Spiegel: Rapid Widespread Switch to Digital Is ‘Just Going to Stick’

VIA BEETCAM– The digitization of the world has sped up across the board as a result of coronavirus. In an interview via BeetCam, Matt Spiegel, EVP of Marketing Solutions and head of media vertical at TransUnion explained how this rapid learning curve will have longer effects. Ad tech has been on the front end of […]


Covid-19 Shows Social Networks Can Fight Misinformation: eMarketer’s Enberg

VIA BEETCAM — They have spent the last few years getting in hot water for struggling to combat misinformation. But could coronavirus be the moment social networks prove they can guide users to accurate news when they really want to? That could be the case, according to eMarketer senior analyst for global trends Jasmine Enberg. The […]


Digiday’s Morrissey: In a Crisis, Advertisers Should Think About Actions, Not Words

VIA BEETCAM– As the editor in chief of Digiday and president of Digiday Media, Brian Morrissey is at the forefront of how a media company is adapting to the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, and overseeing coverage of how industries like advertising are adjusting. “This is a massive story – it’s touching every single […]


‘Lead With Soul’: Tobaccowala’s Five Ways To Go Beyond The Virus

VIA BEETCAM — When Rishad Tobaccowala decided to write a book on rebalancing business, he didn’t think it would landing in the middle of a global pandemic that threatens to up-end business and reboot the world as we know it. But that’s what is happening. The senior advisor of media agency holding group Publicis, an […]


How Virus Will Hit Ad Spending: SMI’s Fennessey

VIA BEETCAM — Fears that COVID-19 will hurt the global media industry are spreading as fast as the coronavirus itself. But which parts of the ecology will suffer most, and how exactly? In this video interview with Beet.TV, James Fennessy, CEO of Standard Media Index (SMI), offers his view. SMI has sight of advertising trends because […]


Batelle’s Recount Grows Distribution At Apex Of Politics & Virus

VIA BEETCAM — He helped found Wired and The Industry Standard, two of digital business’ totemic publications. So, when John Batelle launches something new, people sit up and take notice. That’s what Batellte has done again in launching The Recount Delivered in videos under five minutes and launched alongside journalist John Heilemann, The Recount already […]


Simulmedia’s Morgan: We Must Look Beyond Tentpole Events to Reimagine Advertising

VIA BEETCAM– How do we reallocate advertising money when major tentpole events are taken out of the buying schedule? In a BeetCam interview, Dave Morgan, CEO and founder of Simulmedia, explains that it’s going to take a massive industry shift to move away from a calendar that relies on live events. The macro change that […]


Comscore’s ‘Epidemic Safety Filter’ Lets Brands Opt Out Of Virus News: Gantz

VIA BEETCAM — Is coronavirus good or bad for advertisers and their publishers? The thirst for information about the pandemic is widely seen as driving a flight of audience to trusted news sources. So you may think that advertisers would be happy with the traffic boost. But some ad buyers are unhappy with the nuance […]


Nielsen’s Bradbury: Consumption Won’t Trail Off Due to Coronavirus, but It Will Change

VIA BEETCAM– As people stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, data is showing an increase in media consumption across all platforms. This may come as no surprise, but in a BeetCam interview, Peter Bradbury, chief commercial officer of Nielsen Global Media US, provided greater detail around exactly how much of an increase there […]


Crises Are A Test Of Brands’ Soul: GroupM’s Norman

VIA BEETCAM — People can learn a lot from a crisis. And we can also learn a lot about businesses. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rob Norman, senior advisor to GroupM, the world’s largest media agency, says the coronavirus pandemic will allow us to assess brands against their stated goals. “We’ve had any number […]

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