LOS ANGELES – Advertisers are seeking more flexibility in their marketing campaigns, including the ability to target audiences among multiple media platforms in a cost-effective manner. They also want more insights into how their advertising drives business outcomes like sales, especially with media budgets being squeezed in the pandemic economy.

In this environment, audience targeting platform OpenAP today announced a collaboration with measurement company iSpot.tv to give advertisers and media agencies greater insights into how their campaigns drive web conversion, retail visits, box office sales and programming tune-in — while measuring and analyzing over-the-top (OTT) campaigns alongside linear TV buys.

“iSpot is providing us a great opportunity to look at the attribution on these campaigns,” David Levy, CEO of OpenAP, said in this Beet.TV segment that covers a range of topics, including the partnership with iSpot. “The ultimate goal is to show what we’d been able to do on a campaign-by-campaign basis, but not really cross-publisher before.”

The collaboration lets advertisers activate attribution and OTT measurement on any campaign in the OpenAP Market, an open marketplace that guarantees audience delivery among premium TV programming on linear and digital platforms. OpenAP is a consortium whose members include AMC Networks, Fox, NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS, Univision and The Weather Channel.

Activating Cross-Channel Campaigns

Levy sees opportunities for advertisers to be more efficient with viewer’s time and attention, along with the ability to measure how cross-channel campaigns affect behaviors deeper into the sales funnel.

“We have a lot more capability to actually see how campaigns are performing, what the attribution looks like on those campaigns and how to optimize them,” he said.

The collaboration with iSpot comes as advertisers are looking for more sophisticated audience segmentation that goes beyond standard demographics and helps to find consumers whose purchase decisions are more meaningful to TV advertises.

“The challenge historically was that you’d build your audience dataset, but then you had to go every individual publisher to onboard that data against a viewership dataset like Nielsen, Comscore, Comcast,” Levy said. “We’re now enabling the ability to standardize that process. You only need to onboard the audience once, and we can syndicate that audience seamlessly across planning, execution and measurement.”