Twitter has removed various offensive tweets, but has not removed any by Donald Trump.    There’s no rhyme or reason for this except that Trump is the social network’s biggest draw, opines Kara Swisher, New York Time Op-Ed contributor and co-founding editor of Recode in this video interview with Beet.TV

Swisher wrote in today’s Times today the need or Twitter to control offensive Tweets from the president.

In addition to removing offensive Tweets, she suggests that Twitter create content board along the lines of Facebook.

Late the afternoon, Twitter announced it would identify posts that are to be fact checked.  In our interview, she called the labeling process “onerous and naive” on a scaled basis.  But it could work “surgically,” she adds.

While Swisher says how much she admires the “beautiful complex organism” that is Twitter, she implores Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to fix the Twitter from being “not good in many places and especially in the hands of Donald Trump.”