Merkle’s Delaney: Multi-Publisher Platform Safe Harbor For Integrating First-Party Data

Where web publishers once perceived great danger in data leakage they are now embracing multi-publisher platforms where advertisers’ first-party data can be integrated for optimized people-based marketing. One such platform, MerkleONE, was embraced in late 2015 by News Corp. and other publishers are expected to follow as Merkle builds out its publisher-addressable marketplace solutions, according […]


Hearst At Forefront Of Push For Data, Audience Standards And Ad Fraud Solutions

One of the nation’s largest diversified media, information and technology companies, Hearst Corp. is pushing for data and audience definition standards while remaining optimistic that publishers and advertisers will be less impacted by ad fraud a year from now. That’s the takeaway from a conversation with Mike Smith, whose corporate titles are SVP Advertising Platforms, […]


Integral Ad Science’s Lenane: Focus On Quantifying Value Of Programmatic Inventory

While fraud, viewability and brand safety remain legitimate issues surrounding programmatic buying, specific value must be quantified for programmatic ad inventory tied directly to how consumers are impacted by the ad messages, according to Integral Ad Science’s Kevin Lenane. The company’s GM of Video, Lenane believes that people are rightly beginning to place more emphasis […]


Hearst’s Ad Sale Approach: Diverse Models & Partners

From its first origins in 1887 as owner of the San Francisco Examiner, Hearst has certainly changed over the years. Back then, the company had just one title. Now focused on magazines, websites and video, the publisher is more interest in applying a diverse range of mechanisms to its ad sales operation. Hearst ad platforms SVP […]


Ad Buyers Are Defrauding Publishers, Too: Hearst’s Parker

So far, the biggest complaint when it comes to digital ad fraud has come from ad buyers, who fear that nefarious operators in the publishing value chain are gaming the system to show ads in undesirable locations for no effect. But the other side is now getting conned, too, as “sub-syndication networks” duplicate and misrepresent buyer […]


Ad Fraud Can Learn From Credit Card Fraud: OpenX’s Cadogan

It’s easy to forget now but, when credit cards first came on to the scene, they suffered a bad reputation, as poor security measures allowed nefarious clerks and larger-scale operators to clone and defraud accounts. Nowadays, however, credit card fraud is declining year on year. For ad industry types still wringing their hands at ad […]


OpenX Opens Up Header Bidding To Real-Time Guarantees

PALM SPRINGS — The latest piece of ad-tech lingo is “header bidding” – a kind of advance bidding on ad inventory where publishers offer ad spots to multiple sources of ad demand, hopefully increasing their yield. Ad-tech vendor OpenX is amongst the pioneers in the space. And now its recently-announced Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) system is connecting […]


OpenX By The Numbers: Profit Up 3x In Two Years

Eight years after launching as an ad-tech platform for publishers, OpenX is growing its business at a tear. “Our net revenue (was) $140m in 2015, which is up 40% year-on-year,” OpenX CEO Tim Cadogan tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “(In) 2014 and 2015, we doubled the size of the company from a a revenue point […]


Header Bidding Rears Its Head With Yield And Cost: OpenX’s Saifee

PALM SPRING — Look out; there’s a new piece of ad-tech lingo on the block. So-called “header bidding” has emerged as “one of the primary drivers of growth in programmatic for publishers over the last year”, according to OpenX monetization VP Qasim Saifee. So what is it? Digiday’s “WTF?” series explains: “Header bidding, also known as advance bidding […]


Programmatic Ad Rates Will Be Higher Than Direct: Meredith’s Schenck

When programmatic ad trading entered the marketplace in the form of real-time buying from open online ad networks, many publishers feared it would devalue their inventory. But, slowly, publishers have begun to exert controls to keep pricing higher than that. Now rates could rise higher again, one exec says. “Publishers put their inventory in too quickly and didn’t […]


Hearst Reaches Maturity With Programmatic: Parker

Time was, newspaper folk sneered with apprehension at the rise of programmatic methods of digital ad trading, fearing automation in real-time open markets would devalue their ad inventory. But times have changed, and those publishers which have dipped their toe in the water are finding growing returns on their terms. “Programmatic is now a transactional channel […]


Turn’s New CEO On Video And The ‘Three-Legged Stool’

PALM SPRINGS — The world of advertising demand-side platforms is so new, most people may only have dealt with one or two. Bruce Falck says he has worked for five. Falck spent just four months as Brightroll’s COO until Yahoo acquired the company, last year joining Turn, the ad tech platform which boasts a DSP, […]


OpenX’s Real-Time Guarantees Offer Best Of Both Worlds

In the last couple of years, private ad trading marketplaces have given ad sellers the efficiencies offered by programmatic trading technology, but by ringfencing premium inventory off from open-market fodder. Now ad tech platform vendor OpenX is launching its take on the concept to offer a best-of-both approach of its own. Its “real-time guaranteed” technology (RTG) […]

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