In a world of abundant ad-tech superpowers, many newly-empowered advertisers have begun to wonder if they couldn’t take on some of the traditional functions they previously outsourced to agencies.

But the tide may be turning, as some of those agencies decide it’s safer to stick than to twist, says one senior agency exec.

“The concept of taking it in-house has been popular discussion point, but really hasn’t come to fruition,” says Marco Bertozzi, the VivaKi veteran who was recently named new performance marketing Global CEO of ad agency SMG.

“It requires a lot of resource to do that. Advertisers are realizing, the best way of delivering this is a combination of the power the agency has … with ownership of their own data.

“I’m seeing examples where advertisers have rushed forward to try and do something themselves and have started to come back now and say, ‘We have learned a lot but we now see that the combination of all our skills is probably stronger than us trying to do it ourselves’.”

This video is part of a series about the state of programmatic advertising sponsored by OpenX. Please find other videos from the series here.