One of the most critical areas for agencies when it comes to programmatic advertising is in providing data insight for clients. Helping brands understand how to use data in programmatic, as well as in mobile marketing is key to success days, says Carrie Seifer, President, Digital, Data & Technology at MediaVest in this interview with Beet.TV.

“Now that we have a staff of people who understand technology we do a lot of consulting around data for our clients,” she says. Beyond media planning and buying, the goal is to take brands on a so-called “data journey,” to help them understand how to best use what first-party data they have and how to complement that with second- and third-party data. “We are trying to provide less fragmentation so you don’t have a Frankenstein of ad technology,” she says.

Another key area of focus is mobile, and creating campaigns that incorporate mobile signals and data. “When you know someone’s location over time you can use it for your mobile marketing over time,” she says. Better mobile data also allows for better cross-screen marketing, so that marketers can follow consumers in and out of mobile and on to other platforms, including Facebook.

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