In the beginning, there was real-time bidding, for ads in open-auction networks. And some advertisers sought greater control. So ad-tech vendors separated the light from the darkness, creating private marketplaces.

By constraining the inventory available through private marketplaces and giving advertisers greater control over what they buy, platforms have developed a “best of both” approach to their offering, says one happy agency exec.

“The private marketplace thing is a really interesting way to get your feet wet in programmatic without diving all the way in,” Mediavest digital, data and technology president Carrie Seifer tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “You can have your cake and eat it.

“Certain clients just want to test – they want to stay in premium inventory, a lot of liquor brands need to make sure they’re LDA (legal drinking age)-compliant. It turns out to be a great starter tool, to get deeper in to the process.”

Seifer’s own company has, arguably take a similar approach. First, programmatic delivery capabilities were concentrated its parent’s specialist VivaKi unit. But, last year, Publicis handed the responsibility to its individual groups, now including Mediavest, SMG and Spark.

“When your programmatic team is sitting next to your strategy team and your analytics team, it becomes part of your entire comms plan, rather than a single, soloed thing that you do for efficiencies over here,” Seifer adds.