We report every day on the burgeoning number of ad-tech vendors helping advertisers profit from new-wave connected TV platforms. But one group of firms often missing from the discussion is TV makers themselves.

Lotame SVP and CMO Doron Wesly suggests they should be in prime position, if technology can get them over the hill.

Citing just-published Nielsen quarterly data, he tells Beet.TV: “50% of US households have SVODs. This is not a fad. That space needs a TV DMP (data management platform)… for agencies who are trying to create smarter plans for clients.”

A data management platform is the software that lets ad buyers mix up data sources to create audience segments for ad targeting. That is what Lotame offers its customers.

Wesly is suggesting TV hardware makers – so-called, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – are in the best place to know which of their customers is watching which show.

“Data comes out of OEMs – every OEM knows the IP address of their TV and has active content recognition,” the former Tremor Video exec, who joined Lotame in February, says.

“Even if you have a third-party device like a Roku, technically – because it’s going through the (TV) – they are able to recognize the content. So you’re seeing not just what’s going through the TV from a cable perspective but also what other points are connected.”

TV makers, it’s over to you.

This video part of a series about the state of programmatic advertising sponsored by OpenX. Please find other videos from the series here.