Will Smart Machines Adjust TV Ad Load Automatically?

LAS VEGAS — Around the TV industry, advertising executives are responding to growing consumer disaffection for ads, by reducing ad load and rejigging the duration of ads served in to commercial breaks. But what if machines did it for them? That’s a future Scott Braley sees emerging. Speaking on a Beet.TV panel, the Ooyala ad platforms GM […]


OpenAP Is Just The Start, Viacom’s Bevilacqua Says

LAS VEGAS — When Fox, Turner and Viacom unveiled a new tool to help agencies buy ads across their new advanced TV offerings in April, it was described as “historical“. But one of the partners says the move was just baby steps in what will become a much more full-fledged affair. OpenAP is a way of introducing […]


Cognitive Science Is Boosting Brand Safety For Video Ads

LAS VEGAS — The next wave of focus in computing is machine learning and artificial intelligence – and advertising will be a beneficiary. Big computing providers like IBM and Microsoft already have significant cognitive services suites, available to developers through APIs, to perform tasks like text analysis. But what if those services could also see […]


Household Or Key-Holder: How Precise Can TVs Target Ads?

LAS VEGAS — On the spectrum of new-wave TV ad-targeting techniques, many executives are dreaming a degree of targeting precision that can customise ad delivery for individual TV viewers. That may be an intriguing possibility. Indeed, on many over-the-top devices, it may even be the norm. But, for a television industry whose infrastructure has been built up […]


Broadcasters Must Go Holistic In TV’s Fuzzy Future: Ooyala’s Braley

LAS VEGAS – The future is more complicated than it used to be. Now, a broadcaster’s go-to-market TV strategy can’t be just one distribution channel; it has to be many. That was the verdict of several executives on a panel of industry folk assembled to discuss TV companies’ response to the burgeoning new multi-screen future. The key […]


After P2P Legacy, Tru Optik Rises On Local Tracking, Other Services

LAS VEGAS — It may have started out by helping entertainment companies measure illegal P2P sharing, and may have helped those companies by advertising their shows back through P2P – but ad-tech vendor Tru Optik is moving forward as a data management platform for the next generation of connected TV. “We figured out how to measure […]


TV Networks Face Big Changes In Quest For Audience: SintecMedia’s Brown

LAS VEGAS — Fresh from acquiring digital advertising workflow software vendor Operative, ad-tech firm SintecMedia is pinning its colours to a three-pronged offering, as it vies to help TV networks move forward in to the new era of ad sales. The deal took place in November at a reported $200mn value, combining a technology approach that […]


Matter More’s Murtos Wants More Time For Addressable

LAS VEGAS — Addressable TV advertising is reaching scale across the country. Now it just needs to get a larger slice of air-time. That’s the view according to Steve Murtos, an ad agency executive who co-founded a digital video activation practice to help advertisers take advantage. “We’re counting upwards of 60n households in the marketplace, […]


comScore Expanding “Total Home” Cross Screen Measurement

LAS VEGAS — In the days when the desktop web was the only digital screen in town, comScore could rely on measuring online audiences using a software meter. But the proliferation of consumer devices – from phones and tablets, to consoles and connected TVs – has changed all that. In this video interview with Beet.TV, comScore national […]


Adobe’s Towes Gears Up To Offer Ooyala Cloud Scale

LAS VEGAS — Online TV and video tech company Ooyala already boasts clients like Sky, Star India and Media Prime. But, as the demands of delivering TV-like experiences at scale grow, now it is also tapping Adobe technology to go large. Before NAB Show, the company announced a deal with Adobe to integrate its own platform with the […]


Internet TV, Better Quality Than Broadcast: Akamai’s Hafez

LAS VEGAS — Remember your old 56Kbps modem, screeching along and laboring to buffer a video clip, in the early days of internet media? Well, those days are gone. Now, television networks want to deliver round-the-clock TV channels over the internet – and the quality can be even better than cable TV, according to one technology exec. […]


Adobe Premiere Targets Both Ends Of Pro-Am Spectrum, Mooney Says

LAS VEGAS — It is now gaining traction in the professional edit suites of Hollywood movie producers – but that doesn’t mean Adobe is overlooking amateur video makers, as it evolves its Premiere product line-up. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Adobe professional video editing senior product manager Al Mooney explains he wants to offer something to […]


Nielsen’s Abcarian Backs TV Networks’ New Data Strategies

LAS VEGAS — Some sections of the industry may associate Nielsen with a historic and ageing panel-based method of measuring TV audience. Others may observe how TV networks themselves are now launching head-long in to offering audience-based ad-buying solutions. But Nielsen says it has been doing that for years. “We’re very supportive of OpenAP and all these initiatives […]


Local TV Will Take National Spending: comScore’s Walsh

LAS VEGAS — It is the smaller part of the otherwise-massive US TV advertising business – but local TV operators should ready themselves to gobble up spending from their national peers, if comScore’s Steve Walsh has his way. The media measurement firm’s local TV EVP says local TV has suffered from absent and spotty data that would show increasing […]


Neustar’s Slyter Considers Data Sets For Linear TV Play

LAS VEGAS — The idea of using advanced data to target TV ads environments is still new and requires education. That’s the view of one ad-tech vendor exec whose company is currently considering which data sets to opt for. Asked to snapshot the current lay of the land in targeting ads for connected TV boxes, Neustar […]


Prediction Engines Guess TV Audience In New Era: TiVo’s FitzGerald

LAS VEGAS — This year, several of the big US TV networks have declared they will make moves to let advertising buyers use granular and first-party viewer data, over and above traditional Nielsen data, to target ads on linear TV. Fox, Viacom and Turner teamed to form OpenAP, a system in which they will allow ad […]


GroupM Vet Mike Bologna Heads New Advanced TV Company

LAS VEGAS — Two of the advertising execs who set up and led GroupM’s advanced TV advertising division have moved on to run their own, independent company in the Cross MediaWorks portfolio. Mike Bologna and Jamie Power – who were CEO and managing partner, respectively, of Modi Media – now become president and COO of […]


IBM’s Watson Helps Media Companies See Inside Video

LAS VEGAS — Could machine learning technology help advertisers control whether or not to buy an ad on controversial videos? Software advances suggest that may happen soon. So far, video has remained a black box – what little data there is about its content and context tends to be added manually and is partial. But now the machine learning titans have […]


Videology Survey Finds Marketers’ Top Advanced TV Issues

LAS VEGAS — We all know connected and over-the-top TV devices promise to revolutionize TV advertising, bringing targeted and personalized commercials to linear television delivered over the internet. But how are marketers really looking at the opportunity? Ad-tech firm Videology commissioned a survey from Advertiser Perceptions to find out. The result gives an indication in to advertisers’ […]


Microsoft Brings AI To Video for Deep Content ID

LAS VEGAS — Manually tagging your videos with all the possible people, things and phrases that appear within would be a time-consuming task for anyone, much less for content owners operating at scale. So Microsoft has brought its Cognitive Services machine learning suite to bear on video. Hosting a booth at NAB Show, Microsoft Azure Media Services […]

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