LAS VEGAS — It may have started out by helping entertainment companies measure illegal P2P sharing, and may have helped those companies by advertising their shows back through P2P – but ad-tech vendor Tru Optik is moving forward as a data management platform for the next generation of connected TV.

“We figured out how to measure peer-to-peer sharing – hat was difficult because there’s no cookies, device IDs or SDKs,” CEO Andre Swanston tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“We realised there’s this huge capability gap in connected TV and over-the-top where the legacy data management platforms and solutions that were used to cookies and device IDs were lost. The biggest growth for Tru Optik has been as we’ve shifted away from P2P.”

That has led the Stamford, CT-based business to offer what Swanston says is the largest third-party data marketplace for the medium, including tie-ins to LiveRamp, Experian and Neustar.

This year, Tru Optik even began doing the doing data management and audience segmentation for video ad-tech vendor Videology.

Another recently-inked deal allows advertisers to do super-attribution – establishing whether a viewer who saw a TV ad actually visited a physical store location.

Swanston says: “Our partnership with Ninth Decimal allows people to say, ‘this household that saw an ad on Apple TV, Xbox or Samsung Smart TV … did one of the inhabitants of the household, anonymously, with their mobile device – if they saw an ad for Sears, did they go in to Sears? If they saw an ad for a Yankees game, were they at Yankee Stadium?

“Being able to show that real-world offline attribution, location-based, we are seeing some big brands start to take advantage of.”

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