LAS VEGAS — Fresh from acquiring digital advertising workflow software vendor Operative, ad-tech firm SintecMedia is pinning its colours to a three-pronged offering, as it vies to help TV networks move forward in to the new era of ad sales.

The deal took place in November at a reported $200mn value, combining a technology approach that encompassed both TV and digital media advertising.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lorne Brown – Operative’s founding CEO, who became SintecMedia president – says TV networks have to make big changes to respond to a world in which advertisers want to buy more specific audiences.

“If I’m a network, I need to change a lot of the things I’m doing,” he says. Brown says networks want to sell inventory in a mix of ways – traditional prime-time GRPs as well as new pockets of inventory like in a multitude of digital platform partnerships.

“Networks have to take every piece of supply and add on new supply, like a partnership with Apple and Snapchat, and pull it all together – that requires a new way of thinking about workflow. It’s a whole new way of thinking about your inventory and how you’re going to sell it.”

For its part, the new-look SintecMedia is focusing on three core areas following the Operative buy.

  1. Universal product catalogue.

  2. Automation

  3. Optimisation

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas.   The series is sponsored by Ooyala.  For more coverage of NAB, please visit this page.