LAS VEGAS — Addressable TV advertising is reaching scale across the country. Now it just needs to get a larger slice of air-time.

That’s the view according to Steve Murtos, an ad agency executive who co-founded a digital video activation practice to help advertisers take advantage.

“We’re counting upwards of 60n households in the marketplace, which puts us at more than 50% US coverage,”  Matter More Media co-founder Steve Murtos tells Beet.TV in this video interview, referring to the current deployment footprint of addressable TV, the name given to a range of technologies that let advertisers target TV ads at the household level.

“The conversations are starting to change. Advertisers are starting to think strategically about how to link all of their audience data together.”

But Murtos wants more. Addressable TV advertising could revolutionise the game in local markets. But local pay-TV providers remain limited, only able to sell two minutes of ads per hour for themselves.

Asked if he thinks that will change, Murtos says: “I hope so.

“There’s a lot tied up in the carriage agreements between MVPDs and networks. We’ll start to see solutions coming over the top, which are already in the market today, that will help change that dynamic. As we look cross-screen, beyond the TV space, there will be opportunities in that space as well.”

Matter More Media was founded last year by Murtos and Tracey Scheppach to offer advice on next-generation, data-driven video and TV advertising strategy.

The company is focusing much of its efforts on bringing to TV direct mail marketers and mid-market brands—described as having smaller budgets and including “savvy digital marketers”—that have never before embraced the medium.

Last month, the pair announced an engagement with Tapad that includes the use of Tapad’s Device Graph to measure the actual performance of media across channels.

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