LAS VEGAS — The next wave of focus in computing is machine learning and artificial intelligence – and advertising will be a beneficiary.

Big computing providers like IBM and Microsoft already have significant cognitive services suites, available to developers through APIs, to perform tasks like text analysis.

But what if those services could also see inside videos? What if they could understand the content of video, so that TV and video platforms could automatically tag their content?

That is what IBM’s Watson and Microsoft’s Cognitive Services are doing. And video ad-tech platform Ooyala just upgraded its own software with tools from the latter, to help its customers do just that.

“The emerging area of investment for our platforms is … the application of cognitive sciences for the specific use case of brand protection,” Ooyala ad platforms GM Scott Braley said in this panel discussion organised by Beet.TV.

“It’s very difficult for anybody who owns a lot of content, who has a broad network of consumer-generated content, to label and categorise that at scale so that brands can know what they’re buying and where they’re buying it.

“The application of these cognitive science platforms are a phenomenal use case for sealing out brand safety.”

This video is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas.   The series is sponsored by Ooyala.  For more coverage of NAB, please visit this page.