LAS VEGAS — The idea of using advanced data to target TV ads environments is still new and requires education.

That’s the view of one ad-tech vendor exec whose company is currently considering which data sets to opt for.

Asked to snapshot the current lay of the land in targeting ads for connected TV boxes, Neustar TV and video partnerships head Anthony Slyter tells Beet.TV: “Together, agency and media sellers are actively trying to educate marketers on the 101 of all things advanced television. It is a different vocabulary and language. Some education needs to take place. Some things from digital translate and some do not. The proof is in the pudding at this point.”

Neustar is an ad-tech company offering data management platform, customer data intelligence, marketing analytics, activation, compliance solutions and fraud detection.

It is one of those approaching the problem, for brands, of unifying customer data inputs to achieve better results. And it is assessing its role in data-fuelled TV ad planning in linear.

“The piece still upcoming for us is linear television,” Slyter adds. “We can and do work with TV viewership assets (like) Simulmedia …

“But Neustar is actively evaluating which TV data sets should we plan to be working with in the future to do indexed or data-informed linear TV buys, so we’re truly cross-channel from cookie, mobile, connected, addressable and in to linear TV.”

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