Gray Digital Says Innovation for TV Is Key

CANNES – Companies that are constantly innovating and utilizing data, like Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook, are in a powerful position, says Chris Thompson, founder and director of Gray Digital Limited. Beet.TV spoke with him in this video interview at MIPTV. “The reason why mobile is really flying is because of the data that sits […]


Angry Birds Toons Already Pulling ‘Phenomenal’ Audience

CANNES – The incredible scale of Rovio’s Angry Birds in mobile gaming is also translating in to healthy video content adoption, according to Brightcove, the vendor picked to serve the franchise’s new online cartoon series. “The service launched three of four weeks ago,” Brightcove’s EMEA VP of media, Luke Gaydon, told Beet.TV in this interview. […]


Ooyala’s ‘Hook’ Allows Publishers to Protect, Monetize Video for Android

CANNES – After Adobe took away the support for Flash on Android, many publishers have faced the challenge of how to play video on Android devices, says Neil Berry, VP of Europe, Middle East and Africa for Ooyala. Ooyala’s answer to this problem is Hook, a capability that can playback and monetize mobile video on Android devices. Hook […]


Palestinian Filmmaker Uses Digital Tools

CANNES – Mohanad Yaqubi, a filmmaker with Idioms Film based in the Palestinian city of Ramallah, says he is trying to train young generations to use new technology like Canon 5D cameras and Final Cut Pro. Yaqubi says he tries to present stories that are different from those on the news. “We think we have a different story […]


‘Stevie’ Puts Social Media on TV

CANNES – Stevie is using social media to create a TV experience. Pulling content from Facebook, Twitter and online video, Stevie creates television about the user and his or her friends. Users log in to Facebook and Stevie pulls relevant information from social media feeds and turns it into a lineup of shows. Beet.TV spoke […]


‘Thrill Me’ Recommends Movies Based on Facial Expression

CANNES – Portal Entertainment, a UK-based digital entertainment company  focused on creating immersive content , launched Thrill Me, a discovery service for finding horror, thriller, mystery and suspense content based on users’ facial expressions, this year at MIPTV. Beet.TV spoke with Julian McCrea, CEO and founder of Portal Entertainment in this video interview. In the […]


Zolmo Confronts Mobile Industry Challenges

CANNES – Zolmo, an entertainment company that focuses on emerging media and devices, has paired with Jamie Oliver to create a recipe-based app and with Canadian athlete Georges St-Pierre to create a fitness app. Beet.TV spoke with Ian Wharton, creative director of Zolmo, in this video interview at MIPTV. “We are absolutely just a mobile company,” […]


Sweden’s Magine Seeks to Replace Cable Services w/ IPTV

CANNES – Magine promises TV delivery without cable, over the Internet. The Stockholm-based company gives subscribers access to cloud-based TV service. Beet.TV interviewed Michael Werner, chairman of Magine, at MIPTV. “We have developed Magine into a fully-integrated TV service,” Werner says. “We’re meaning to replace your cable network.” With Magine, watching television becomes a dynamic […]


Gruvi Connects Movies and Audience through App

CANNES – Gruvi aims to develop tools that drive sales of entertainment content through social media, says Ben Johnson, founder of the social technology agency in this interview with Beet.TV. Today the Copenhagen-based company is working internationally with Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. along with smaller production companies throughout Europe to create more fiscally effective […]


Transmedia Storytelling Targets Kenyan Youth

CANNES – Whether it be via cell phones, radio, Facebook or other websites, Melvin Alusa, director of Well Told Story, a multimedia communications project based in Kenya, says he found it effective to deliver his message to young people on platforms and devices where they already spend their time. “The way I perceive transmedia is just basically […]


ExMachina Introduces ‘Made For Second Screen’ Initiative At MIPTV

CANNES — Second screen applications and technologies are becoming increasingly popular. ExMachina CEO Jeroen Elfferich says statistics are showing that up to 20 percent of television viewers will “gladly pick up a device and participate” if they are prompted to.  Beet.TV spoke with Elfferich at the MIPTV Conference in Cannes to find out more about […]


Sony Highlights 4K Production Technology at MIP Show

CANNES – While streaming or broadcasting super high quality  4K (four times the highest HD) by  the world’s broadcasters is still in the working stage, and as the industry seeks to adopt compression standards, the camera and editing of the new format is beginning to take hold with both Hollywood producers and some broadcasters, including […]


Videology Touts Device Targeting Technology

CANNES – Audience targeting already has proven it can lower costs and reduce waste for marketers, and the next step is to reach consumers as they move from device to device, says Ryan Jamboretz, Chief Development Officer at Videology, an advertising technology platform, in this video interview with Beet.TV at MIPTV 2013. “The holy grail is the ability to […]


Dispatch from Cannes: France’s Biggest Broadcaster: Half of Views Now via Digital

CANNES, France – Television has been “reinvented” with fast consumption of video via IPTV, mobile and tablets, says Laurent Frisch, VP of digital at FranceTV, the nation’s largest broadcaster, in this interview with Beet.TV  He says that fully half of the broadcaster’s views are delivered via digital devices. In this wide ranging conversation, he outlines […]


Paul Verhoeven’s UGC Film Project Wins Digital Emmy at MIPTV

CANNES –  The “Entertainment Experience,” a film project lead by Dutch-born Hollywood actor Paul Verhoeven, consisting of user generated material, won an International Digital Emmy at MIPTV on Monday.  At the award gala, we spoke with  the project’s producer Rene Mioch. The UGC project has lead to the creation of theatrical film which will debut […]


Orange Touts its Second Screen Usage in France and the U.K.

CANNES — As smartphone and social technology improves, users have become empowered and are creating their own usages and solutions for second screen entertainment, leveraging the tools at their disposal, says David Nahmani, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Orange/France Telecom in this interview with Beet.TV at the MIPTV conference. Orange was early to […]


Adobe Targets European Markets for Primetime

CANNES — As part of its general rollout of the Adobe Primetime platform for TV Everywhere, the tech giant is focusing both on US and global territories.