CANNES – Whether it be via cell phones, radio, Facebook or other websites, Melvin Alusa, director of Well Told Story, a multimedia communications project based in Kenya, says he found it effective to deliver his message to young people on platforms and devices where they already spend their time.

“The way I perceive transmedia is just basically using different types of media to get to the audience,” says Alusa. “And we like to find our audiences where they are.”

Emma Bodger, producer of Well Told Story, says the idea was to spread family planning messages to a youth audience across Kenya via strong narratives that don’t feel like message-driven pieces.

The cross-platform program incorporates webisodes, audio dramas and comic books in order to develop what Bodger calls a 360 approach.

Beet.TV spoke with Alusa and Bodger at MIPTV where Well Told Story was an International Digital Emmy Awards nominee.

-Katy Charles