CANNES – Zolmo, an entertainment company that focuses on emerging media and devices, has paired with Jamie Oliver to create a recipe-based app and with Canadian athlete Georges St-Pierre to create a fitness app. Beet.TV spoke with Ian Wharton, creative director of Zolmo, in this video interview at MIPTV.

“We are absolutely just a mobile company,” Wharton says. “It’s just that we believe there are certain ways you can interact with content that makes it incredibly tailored and useful to the consumer.”

Zolmo is dealing with two lingering challenges for the mobile industry that Wharton says have been around for the past couple of years. One is the issue of digital value. Wharton says users have a misconstrued sense of the value of mobile content so experimenting with payment models is key to monetizing digital content. The other is an issue of discovery. With more than 40 billion downloads from the Apple’s App Store, there are many apps out there that may never be seen. Zolmo deals with this by pairing with major names and brands like Jamie Oliver.

– Katy Charles