CANNES – Audience targeting already has proven it can lower costs and reduce waste for marketers, and the next step is to reach consumers as they move from device to device, says Ryan Jamboretz, Chief Development Officer at Videology, an advertising technology platform, in this video interview with Beet.TV at MIPTV 2013.

“The holy grail is the ability to target the same person on different devices. To authenticate a user and follow from one device to another on a tablet, watching TV or looking on a mobile phone is something no one can really do. We made some investments this year and are looking to build out our own technology,” he tells us.

For its targeting solutions, Videology relies on a range of third-party data to reduce waste in an ad buy and ensure that only the target audience sees the ad, he explains. “Our technology is a big decision engine, and it needs fuel. And that fuel is data,” he says.

Jamboretz will be a speaker at the Beet.TV Video Advertising Strategy Summit in London at GroupM, presented by Videology, on April 24.

-Daisy Whitney

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