Multi-Platform App Enablers Will Be IPTV Winners: Analyst Jackson

LAS VEGAS — A digital media world in which TV manufacturers keep changing their underlying smart operating systems risks wrong-footing and frustrating content owners, says Ovum TV principal analyst Paul Jackson. “A number of manufacturers here have switched horses in terms of what their OS is going to be,” Jackson tells Beet.TV in this video […]


Marketers Finally Find Their Groove at CES, MediaLink’s Wenda Harris Millard explains

LAS VEGAS — In the not so distant past, CES was a curiosity, albeit a bewildering one for marketers.  Now they are very much part of the conversation and “upbeat” and confident about their role at the  essential show, says Wenda Harris Millard, President & COO of MediaLink, in this interview with Beet.TV She also […]


MEC’s Digital Chief Reed: Storytelling First, Impressions Second

LAS VEGAS –  Big brands can buy paid impressions, but the value of marketing is found increasingly in storytelling —  by creating compelling content that connects with consumers, largely around a brand’s own property says Shenan Reed, president of digital at MEC, NA in this interview with Beet.TV She also explains the value of the […]


Networks Set To Fight Leagues Over Online Streams: Analyst Sweeting

LAS VEGAS — Broadcast networks, peeved that TV audiences are moving to platforms for which they don’t have big live sports rights, are likely to try negotiating hard when rights are due for renewal. “Broadcasters have paid godawful sums of money,” Paul Sweeting, a media analyst who consults through his own Concurrent Media Strategies and writes for […]


Native & Social, Not Search, Hold Mobile Key: NYT’s Zimbalist

LAS VEGAS — The New York Times wants to make a big deal out of crafting sponsored articles for advertisers on mobile. “Native is the ad format for mobile … discoverable in-stream right alongside our own content,” says ad products SVP Michael Zimbalist. “We see a big opportunity for The New York Times and for […]


Brands Can Tell Stories In Virtual Reality: DigitasLBi’s Bailey

LAS VEGAS — Oculus Rift may have been conceived for playing games, but marketers increasingly view it as a place to communicate messages. “360-degree, immersive experiences are really starting to explode now,” according to DigitasLBi technology SVP Tony Bailey. He calls virtual reality “a new way of thinking about storytelling”. “If you’re in beverages and you […]


Xaxis’ Pangis: Change Is Perpetual

LAS VEGAS — One year after it was merged with Group M stablemate 24/7 Media, programmatic ad tech division Xaxis expects more industry M&A in 2015. “We always talk about how much movement there is in the industry,” says Xaxis chief revenue officer Nicolle Pangis. “But the fact is, that’s the norm in this industry. Every […]


‘A 24-Hour TV Channel For Your Brand’: DIVE’s CEO Deb Hall

LAS VEGAS — The more social networks across which brands attempt real-time marketing, the more channels they have to monitor for resonance. One Canadian startup, DIVE  Networks, wants to help out with that. “The landscape for brands is very complex. it’ so hard to keep up with real-time marketing,” CEO Deborah Hall, who previously founded […]


Irwin Gotlieb to Les Moonves: Not So Fast on Cross Device TV Advertising

LAS VEGAS – In a much talked about public session at CES, CBS Les Moonves declared that serving ads across screens, meaning on television and digital devices, provides the same impression: “We don’t care where you watch it or when you watch it — we just want it to get counted and we want to get paid […]


Adobe Relaunches “Auditude,” Integrated w/ company’s DMP

LAS VEGAS — The emerging age of targeted TV advertising will mean an end to reaching viewers based on the shows they watch and instead usher in individual viewer profiling. “Advertisers (today) are overwhelmingly buying audience … using content as a proxy for that audience,” according to Adobe Primetime’s principle product evangelist Noah Levine. “That’s […]


Wearable Tech New Marketing Frontier, but Tread Carefully, Mindshare’s Johnston

LAS VEGAS — The new frontier of media is paved with e-commerce, wearable tech and the Internet of things, says Norm Johnston, Chief Digital Officer at Mindshare, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES. The opportunities for brands are large, but also require smart and thoughtful approaches. “With wearable tech, if we know your hydration levels maybe […]


Akamai Thinks Differently For 4K Video Future

LAS VEGAS — 4K TVs were all the rage at the Consumer Electronics Show – but 4K content for those shiny new screens was not so much in evidence. The chicken-and-egg problem likely involves the realization that, today, broadband pipes just aren’t big enough to deliver next-generation TV quality en masse. “We know that customers […]


Mobile Growth Is ‘Insane’, Video Is Key To Ads: Flurry CEO

LAS VEGAS — After six years of chronicling the mobile consumption marketplace with its annual insights reports, mobile analytics firm Flurry, recently purchased by Yahoo, says the medium has reached new heights. “We’ve seen usage of mobile grow 76% year over year,” CEO Simon Khalaf tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “That’s insane growth – […]


ZEFR Helps Brands Make Sense Of YouTube

LAS VEGAS — If a consumer ripped a clip of your content and posted it to YouTube, would you chase her with a lawyer’s notice? Zach James would embrace the act. The co-CEO of video rights management and branding solutions startup ZEFR says his company “makes sense of the 90% of the videos that you […]


Microsoft’s Trivedi To Advertisers: ‘Come And Learn With Us’

LAS VEGAS — Microsoft is changing the way it works with advertisers, according to the woman recently hired to lead its US brand marketing relationships. “We are going through company-wide, top-down change,” Ritu Trivedi, who joined from being MediaVest’s USA digital marketplace VP in October, tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “The product teams are now […]


MEC’s Focuses on Predictive Analytics, Marla Kaplowitz Explains

LAS VEGAS — As part of its expanded focus into predictive media tools, WPP media agency MEC paired up with client AT&T and Mashable at the recent CES show to bring a real-time approach to the event coverage for AT&T, says Marla Kaplowitz, CEO of MEC North America, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES. […]


ABC’s ‘Responsive Design’ Geared for Cross-Platform Ads

LAS VEGAS — ABC actively encourages advertisers to participate across all platforms, from smartphones to tablets, iOs to Android, local to national to digital, says Debra O’Connell, President of ABC National TV Sales, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES. The sites are built with responsive design so they work well on all platforms, she […]


LG Launches New Smart TV with Improved Navigation

LAS VEGAS — Consumer electronics manufacturer LG Electronics rolled out a new operating system for its smart TV at the Consumer Electronics show, and the new set enables smoother navigation between channels,  says Matt Durgin, Director of Smart TV Content at LG, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES. Based on its webOS 2.0 platform, the […]


Sorrell’s Forecast: 2015 Will Be A Bit Better Than 2014

LAS VEGAS — Don’t go expecting any major bumps in the economic road in the year ahead. The CEO of the world’s biggest ad agency holding group, WPP, says 2015 will have a familiar look. “Overall, I see ’15 being slightly better than ’14,” Sir Martin Sorrell tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “This time […]


Programmatic TV Demand Exceeds Supply: Videology’s McLachlan

LAS VEGAS — So-called “programmatic” TV advertising, in which TV ads would be traded with digital targeting and efficiency, is coming a long way – but still has key challenges to address if it is to reach the heights many hope for, according to one sector exec. “We’re in a nascent timeframe for programmatic TV. It’s […]

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