LAS VEGAS — The emerging age of targeted TV advertising will mean an end to reaching viewers based on the shows they watch and instead usher in individual viewer profiling.

“Advertisers (today) are overwhelmingly buying audience … using content as a proxy for that audience,” according to Adobe Primetime’s principle product evangelist Noah Levine.

“That’s worked beautifully over the decades in the television industry. But, as television shifts to IP-based distribution, we have an opportunity to create revenue efficiencies and optimize the revenue.

“If you have an advertiser that’s targeting a specific demographic and the programmer has a show that has 70% of that demographic, it actually isn’t necessary anymore to show that same ad to all 100% of that audience.”

After acquiring ad decisioning platform Auditude in 2011, Levine says Adobe has turned the service in to “Adobe Primetime Ad Decisioning“, tightly integrating it with Adobe Audience Manager, its data management platform.

He was interviewed for Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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