GroupM Finds New Audiences In Video Ads: Jakob Nielsen

LAS VEGAS — European advertisers are taking to video advertising and so-called “programmatic” online ad technologies at varying progressive degrees, according to GroupM Interaction UK MD Jakob Nielsen. “(In the) UK … TV buyers are constantly looking to new audiences,” Nielsen tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “With video… in the diminishing-return space, all of a […]


TV And Video Ad Buying, Not Converging Yet, Mediaocean’s Wise

LAS VEGAS — We keep hearing a lot about how the ad-buying processes for television and digital video may be on a path to merging. But, asked if that was happening yet, agency ad-buying software platform Mediaocean’s CEO Bill Wise says: “They’re not converging. TV is vastly different from video, which looks and feels like ad tech […]


Akamai Eyes Video Delivery Problems with Media Analytics Tool

LAS VEGAS –  The delivery of video to consumers is not always smooth as there canbe  problems along the route, from ISP’s the consumers’ devices.  These problems can create buffering which causes viewers to quickly abandon their viewing experience, explains Akamai’s Noreen Hafez in this interview with Beet.TV She explains that a wait of just […]


Mindshare’s Bitterman: “Inline Advertising” is the Next Big Thing

LAS VEGAS — Amazon has become a $1 billion advertising platform, but that’s just the beginning of e-commerce related digital advertising says Jordan Bitterman, Chief Strategist of Mindshare NA, in this interview with Beet.TV Coined recently as “inline” advertising, Bitterman sees big opportunities for publishers and brands around advertising that appears “inline” with consumer decisioning […]


“TV Everywhere” Is Growing Fast, Despite Industry Perceptions, Adobe’s Foster

LAS VEGAS — “TV Everywhere“, the method through which US cable operators allow subscribers online viewing of their bundles, has become the industry’s “whipping boy,” Adobe’s Primetime product marketing director Campbell Foster says. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Foster channels the three main complaints levelled at the system – ranging from “accurate and fair […]


SpotXchange’s Shehan on Sale to RTL, Global Expansion and the Future of Programmatic TV

LAS VEGAS — Programmatic video ad trading platform SpotXchange sold a majority of itself to German broadcast holding group RTL because it wants a bigger slice of a legacy TV industry.. “Europe is a really big market – it’s really challenging in each and every country,” CEO Mike Shehan tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “For […]


AOL Ad Chief: Unified Programmatic Platform Launching Soon

LAS VEGAS — As more ad targeting and buying platforms come online, planners and buyers are having to use a growing number of software suites to place messages. Last year, AOL announced its bid to simplify the landscape – and its own offering – by combining its programmatic platforms under the “One” banner. Now company […]


Disney No Stranger to New Distribution Forms, CFO Rasulo

LAS VEGAS — ESPN’s decision to offer an over-the-top option with Sling fits squarely in parent company Disney’s long-held approach of experimenting with new distribution. The company was one of the first content providers to offer TV shows on iTunes back in 2005, says Jay Rasulo, Senior Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer at Walt […]


Ashley Swartz CES RoundUp: Internet of Things, Drones and Wearable Tech

LAS VEGAS — Many of the key advances in consumer electronics at this year’s flagship convention have expanded far and wide beyond actual devices, says Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp, in her round-up report for Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Key trends to watch that were evident on the show […]


The New York Times Finds Success with Native Video Advertising

LAS VEGAS — The New York Times has intrigued many with sponsored articles it has run under the “Paid Posts” scheme it launched in 2014. Now it is finding that branded articles carrying video are consumed most. “A lot of our best-performing stories have had video as part of them; many of them are multi-media,” Times […]


NYT’s Carr: Amid Fragmentation, Sport Is TV’s Trump Card

LAS VEGAS — Always ready with an insightful view on the state of modern media, New York Times media columnist David Carr tells Beet.TV over-the-top TV services are further fragmenting the landscape – and that makes live sports more valuable. “The (cable) bundles started to become unbundled last year,” he says in this video interview […]


Akamai Focuses on Quality, Analytics to Drive Growth

LAS VEGAS — Video traffic on the Akamai network is accelerating quickly, and doubling faster than it did in years past, says Bill Wheaton, Senior VP and General Manager at Akamai, a cloud services centric tech platform, in an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. What’s more, the traffic is growing […]


CBS All Access Subscribers Younger, Better Targeted: Debevoise

LAS VEGAS — Three months after launching its direct-to-consumer subscription internet TV service, the $5.99-a-month CBS All Access, CBS is finding age an early differentiator from its core TV audience business. “It’s a small base and growing,” CBS Interactive GM and SVP Marc Debevoise tells Beet.TV in this video interview at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las […]


Weather Channel Aims for Addressable TV

LAS VEGAS — Innovations in addressable TV have grown tremendously in the last ten years, and now Weather Channel is aiming to be the first fully addressable cable TV network, says Curt Hecht, Global Chief Revenue Officer at Weather Channel, in an interview with Beet.TV at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. Weather Channel has experimented […]


WPP’s Sorrell Bets On Sports Value With Bruin Investments

LAS VEGAS – Advertising and communications agency holding group WPP’s CEO Sir Martin Sorrell says the company has invested in new sports marketing firm Bruin Sports Capital to unify its broad offering for a live sports entertainment industry that will continue to boom. “The rights prices around (global) sporting events …  have continued to rise… much […]


“Chaos” Has Lead to Success for Powerhouse Consultancy MediaLink

LAS VEGAS – The upheaval or “chaos” in the media advertising business has lead to the success of MediaLink, the powerhouse consultancy, says founder and CEO Michael Kassan who explains the growth of the company to its current size of some 90 employees and a client list of who’s who in the media, publishing and […]

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