LAS VEGAS — As part of its expanded focus into predictive media tools, WPP media agency MEC paired up with client AT&T and Mashable at the recent CES show to bring a real-time approach to the event coverage for AT&T, says Marla Kaplowitz, CEO of MEC North America, in an interview with Beet.TV at CES.

Using Mashable’s real-time predictive tool, Velocity, MEC aimed to study trending topics and push that CES-related content out to interested consumers, she explains. “Velocity is a tool that Mashable created that we licensed and we use it for clients to determine what might trend,” she says in this interview. Velocity is designed to predict content that might go viral.

AT&T uses Velocity to track trending topics related to CES and then piggyback any related content on AT&T’s platform, she says.

Kaplowitz was interviewed for Beet.TV at Consumer Electronics Show. Beet.TV coverage of CES 2015 is sponsored by Adobe Primetime. Find all the coverage here.