Every Ad Doesn’t Have To Be Shoppable: Zenith’s Daniel Rolli

SAN JUAN, PR – The popularity of connected devices such as mobile phones and smart TVs has expanded the opportunities for brands to drive direct transactions with consumers. Shoppability is more pervasive, but that doesn’t mean every advertisement should be geared to drive a response. “Shoppability certainly appears to be everywhere these days. The question […]


Mapping the Future of Media at Beet Retreat San Juan

Last month’s Beet Retreat in San Juan was an extraordinary gathering of 180 industry leaders for three days of deep learning, conversations and networking. We covered a broad range of topics from streaming video and data to commerce media and, of course, AI.  The participants were deeply engaged. Their conversations were both honest and aspirational. […]


Media Strategies Need Holistic View of Consumers: Verizon’s Jennifer Gardner

SAN JUAN, PR – The media landscape has become more fragmented as connected television apps offer viewers more ways to discover and watch programming. The resultant splintering of audiences has pushed mass-market brands to find ways to tell that their advertising is reaching consumers efficiently and effectively. “Transparency is critical for us. It helps inform […]


MRI-Simmons’ Pisano On The Power Of Data, TransUnion Integration

SAN JUAN, PR — After being acquired by NIQ (NielsenIQ), MRI-Simmons is set to play a pivotal part in its parent’s new media division – and it’s bringing a new partnership with TransUnion. NIQ in February announced it would form the division out of a combination of NIQ, GfK, and MRI-Simmons, addressing three core industry issues: defining the […]


Hispanic Audiences Will Shine at Upfront: TelevisaUnivision’s Donna Speciale

SAN JUAN, PR – The Hispanic population is a significant source of economic growth for the United States, but its television audience historically has been undercounted. With this year’s upfront sales season, Spanish-language media giant TelevisaUnivision will showcase more comprehensive data about Hispanic viewers. “We built a lot of new capabilities with audience targeting,” Donna […]


Shoppers of Travel Experiences Reveal Key Insights to Consumer Brands: Tripadvisor’s Christine Maguire

SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell advertising aren’t limited to ecommerce sites like Amazon or store chains like Walmart. The category of retail media networks includes marketplaces for services such as travel and tourism – key parts of what’s been described as the experience economy. “Travel is the ultimate experience, obviously, and there’re so […]


Brand Partnerships Underpin Retail Media’s Role in CTV: Albertsons’ Evan Hovorka

SAN JUAN, PR – Retailers that sell advertising can help brand marketers reach key audiences in their connected television campaigns. The role for retail media networks in marketing consumer packaged goods is similar to its place in other communications channels. “The challenge is the process for building creative, getting inventory aligned with our audiences and […]


Retail Media’s Evolution Sparks New Excitement For UM’s Owen

SAN JUAN, PR – With retail media advertising growing fast, does the category deserve its own showcase? The intersection of data, technology, and retail media is creating a bustling marketplace that has industry experts like Amie Owen, Global Chief Commerce Officer at UM Worldwide, both intrigued and eager. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Owen […]


Seedtag Launches Contextual TV for CTV Advertisers

Contextual advertising platform Seedtag this week introduced Contextual TV to help brands use contextual targeting tactics in their streaming ad buys. The product constructs audience segments based on online consumption patterns and viewing habits. Brands can target these audiences through demand-side platforms including The Trade Desk and Google’s DV360, according to an announcement. In this […]


Albertsons’ Jindal Sees Identity As Key To Cross-Channel Consumer Experience

SAN JUAN, PR — Supermarkets used to trade more in detergent than data – but, in the new world of retail media, these big merchants are leveraging customer identity in advertising sales. As retailers strive to balance online and offline customer engagement, the challenge of creating a seamless omnichannel experience is paramount. In this video […]


Infillion’s Acquisition Welcomes MediaMath To The ‘Connected Garden’: Laurel Rossi

SAN JUAN, PR — After acquiring DSP MediaMath out of bankruptcy last year, Infillion is rehiring some ex-employees. “Bringing automation to our portfolio has been the fulfillment of a dream,” says Infillion’s Chief Revenue Officer, Laurel Rossi. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Rossi says the move is a significant milestone for the digital advertising firm, aiming […]


ID For CTV: LiveRamp’s Joiner On How Google PAIR Is Coming To TV

SAN JUAN, PR — Once upon a time, TV was a top-of-funnel, brand-building medium with little idea of a show’s audience beyond basic demographics. Nowadays, that is changing a lot. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Zach Joiner, Strategic TV Publishers BD Manager, LiveRamp, says: “Identity is critical to TV, especially from a planning perspective.” Joiner says new […]


Shoppable Video’s Influence Is Poised to Grow: Digitas’ Amy Lanzi

SAN JUAN, PR – Millions of U.S. households have connected their televisions directly to the internet, giving advertisers a way to interact with consumers through what is typically the biggest screen in their homes. Shoppable video increasingly will have to power to raise brand awareness and to drive direct sales. “A big prediction is that […]


Shoppable TV & Performance Storytelling: LG’s Marlow On A Boom Year For CTV Ads

SAN JUAN, PR — In an era where the lines between digital convenience and traditional viewing experiences are blurring, consumers are embracing the next wave of advertising innovation: shopping via their television screens. This shift has transformed the advertising landscape, enabling brands to capitalize on what Tony Marlow, CMO of LG Ad Solutions, calls “performance […]


Finding TV Audiences Wherever They Are Guides Media Strategy: GroupM’s Mike Fisher

SAN JUAN, PR – Consumers are watching video content among a wide variety of internet-connected devices, challenging marketers to reach them when they’re most receptive to advertising. The role of the modern media agency is to find ways to overcome these hurdles. “As delivery systems, as distribution, as viewers really change the way that they’re […]


Kroger’s Precision Data Promises To Super-Target Shoppers

SAN JUAN, PR — What place does a supermarket giant have in the science-led digital ad data future? A big one. Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM) is a data-driven advertising platform developed by the Kroger Co. Launched through Kroger’s subsidiary 84.51°, KPM leverages customer insights and analytics to enable personalized marketing. Its programmatic offering, Direct Connect, […]


Identity Is Paramount For Paramount: Scoles Offers Advertisers Real Audiences

SAN JUAN, PR — As the industry heads into another upfront TV ad sales season, some may be expecting the familiar pattern of publishers pitching their creative opportunities. While that may still be the case, Travis Scoles is expecting audience identity and new-wave measurement capabilities to take center-stage. As senior vice president of advanced advertising […]


Havas Media Group’s Bregman Sees ‘Golden Age’ For AI Creativity

SAN JUAN, PR — Artificial intelligence is no longer just a buzzword—it’s poised to revolutionize the media industry, transforming everything from creative generation to consumer engagement. Mike Bregman, chief activation officer at Havas Media Group, reveals how the group is leveraging “meaningful AI” to elevate its media planning and optimization strategies in this video interview […]


Agencies & Brands Can’t Agree On Premium Video Definition, Fraud Risk: VAB Research

SAN JUAN, PR — The Beet Retreat is always an occasion when all sides of the advanced video and TV advertising industry can come together to share best practice. But research VAB presented at this year’s Beet Retreat San Juan suggests advertisers and their agencies are not on the same page. VAB commissioned research to […]


Identity Graphs Can Fill The Hole In Marketers’ ‘Sweet Tooth’: TransUnion’s Kowalick

In the swiftly evolving arena of digital media and advertising, industry professionals are constantly grappling with the challenges of identity, data targeting, and analytics. Ahead of speaking at Beet Retreat San Juan 2024, Kevin Kowalick, the VP Strategy for Media & Entertainment at TransUnion, says marketers, solving for cookie deprecation, are moving off a technology […]

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