Brands will be most successful in creating video content if they understand which platforms their consumers like these days, says Lindsay Lichtenberg, VP and Director of Publishing Platform and Partnerships at Starcom MediaVest, in an interview with Elaine Boxer, Director of Industry Initiatives at the IAB. “It all comes down to the content strategy. How do my consumers behave? A quarter of teens are on Vine, and Facebook is second to YouTube in video views online. What is my six-second spot for Vine and which is my more immersive spot for Facebook and YouTube and what is my pre-roll spot?”

Those are some of the details that marketers need to be aware of when planning branded video, she adds. When done right, branded content can yield impressive results. Licthenberg runs Content@Scale for Starcom, a technology platform that lets brands access content from their own sites and third-party sites, such as AOL, Yahoo and Rodale, and then pair that content with branded messages across display ads. Video ads will come next, she says. “Having that consumer narrative paired with a branded message will lead to three to four times engagement compared to a standard rich media unit,” she says. That sort of data can help marketers know where to invest their media dollars for the future, whether editorial content or video content.

Lichtenberg was interviewed earlier this month at the Beet.TV video summit about video advertising outside of the pre-roll.  The event was presented by Teads.