CHICAGO — Webzine Slate may be producing some video of its own nowadays but, as a text specialist, the outlet may never make enough to satisfy booming advertiser demand for video ad inventory.

That’s why the publisher is using InRead, an ad format from vendor Teads which allows sites to inject video ads between text paragraphs, even if pages don’t have video content on them.

“We deliver about two million pre-rolls streams a month – by using Teads, we can increase our inventory closer to 15-to-20million impressions per month,” Slate publisher Anthony DeMaio says in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“(Viewer) completion rates are, (for) 15 seconds, they’re 40%; 30-second ads, they’re about 30%.”

He was interviewed by Andy Plesser, executive producer of Beet.TV, earlier this month at the Beet.TV video summit about video advertising outside of the pre-roll.  The event was presented by Teads.