CHICAGO — It’s only natural that online video advertising takes after television advertising – after all, both media are about moving pictures. But, whilst the forms may be similar, advertiser results can vary across each, according to a tech exec.

“It’s a similar experience to what we see on TV,” North America MD Jim Daily of Teads tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“The limitations are that, when a brand is buying TV spots, they’re associated with a specific show – that content doesn’t exist nearly as much in the digital realm. Only 4% of video is ‘premium’ – nearly 100% of television content is premium.”

Teads tries to tackle this by allowing premium text publishers to sell auto-playing video ads between their editorial paragraphs, thereby growing the overall inventory base for advertisers who want to reach consumers pre-disposed to purchase.

Daily was interviewed by Elaine Boxer, director of industry initiatives at the IAB, earlier this month at the Beet.TV video summit about video advertising outside of the pre-roll.  The event was presented by Teads.